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Here are the Codex - Bestiary entries for Nar Shaddaa, a bit skinny and underwhelming despite a vibrant planet of activity! 



Empire Only

Go to the "Network district" and take the quest "[Heroic 4] Hunger of Vrblthers". Then enter the quest area and kill a "Aged vrblther" (Champion level 22)

Codex entry

Hailing from the planet Varl, vrblthers are common pets among the wealthy and powerful Hutts. When Varl was exterminated ten thousand years ago, these valiant bipedal predators owed their survival to their owners who took them with them to Nar Shaddaa and Hutta.

Unaffected by pollutants and other toxic products that saturate their new environments, these creatures quickly saw their numbers increase. Packs of vrblthers can now be found on the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, constantly looking for their next meal.



Empire : Kill the "Killer Gundark" (elite level 10) on Dromund kaas

Republic : Currently it is not indicated anywhere how to get this entry, the only referenced Gundark I have found is in a Smuggler quest but obviously does not grant entry either.

Codex entry

The gundark is one of the scariest species around. His strength is matched only by his robustness and his keen senses. It is the favorite target of big game hunters and is a staple in arena combat across the galaxy. The gundark, however, never stays in captivity for long. Tamers who have the misfortune to lower their guard for half a second in the face of these formidable creatures are horribly slaughtered. But they are among the lucky ones. Anyone who sees one of these monsters should avoid it at all costs or prepare to fight. The gundark is known for its unjustified attacks.

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