SWTOR - The Coracant Datacrons

Here is the list of the 5 datacrons available on Coruscant:

- Presence +2
- Endurance +2
- Tip +2
- Yellow Matrix Crystal
- Stamina +2


Presence +2

You will see it high up at coordinates (2268; 1024) in the old galactic market, the elevator in front of you is broken, you will have to go around by taking the footbridge to your left. The datacron is guarded by a level 11 elite as well as three adds.


Endurance +2

Go to the territory of the Black Sun at coordinates (-3751; 133) you will see stacked containers, go around the container on the right to find an access point to climb up and climb the building, once at the top, climb on the footbridge then continue up the pipes and the panel to finally reach it.


Tip +2

The access point for this datacron is in the Territory of the Justicars in (1035; 3974) Go up on the crates then go on the pipe that goes behind you, jump from pipe to pipe then follow to the end to reach it.


Yellow Matrix Crystal

The way to reach it starts at the Fabrique in (1176; 4432) Go up on the big pipe then continue until the "intersection". Jump on the big pipe opposite and continue to move from pipe to pipe to arrive in front of the datacron.


Stamina +2

The last datacron is at the Jedi temple, to access it go to (-3108; 2924). Climb to the top of the big pillar and walk along the broken ledge that goes in the opposite direction to your left, this will lead you to a platform where a level 17 Champion is waiting for you, you have the choice between trying to fight or rushing quickly towards the small ledge where the datacron is located, just avoid falling into the void while attempting the blow.

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