SWTOR - The Datacrons on Belsavis

This article is taken from Sith'a'faim data, courtesy of Elyndra following her decision to stop publishing.

Here are the 5 datacrons that you will find on Belsavis:
- Willpower +4
- Endurance +4
- Presence +4
- Aim +4
- Green Matrix Crystal


Willpower + 4

The access route for this datacron is at (-838; 776) in the High Security sector, take the "hole" in the mountain and go to the end, the datacron is waiting for you there.


Endurance + 4

Go to the High Security Sector in (-894; -375) you will find a small hidden descent leading to a cave, the datacron is at the end (populated by level 42 elites as well as a 42 champion with 71k pv which keeps the datacron, sap sensitive if you are a stealth class or not very hard to kill if you are higher level).


Presence +4

This is located in the Maximum Security Sector, start in (-2104; -139) take the path just before the big black rock (see screenshot), once at the end turn right and walk along the cliff until you see the datacron, jump to it to get it.


Aim +4

Go to the Tomb area, at coordinates -715, -1900.

You'll find a hole in a cliff, and lots of lava everywhere, with the datacron right in the middle.

You are wondering how to get there, eh? Have you ever seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade? At the end, he walks on an invisible path. Well, it's the same here! Go forward a little, do not be afraid, jump down straight down from the ledge, and you will land on a platform that you just have to follow to the Saint Graa ... at the datacron.


Green Matrix Crystal

Before heading in the direction of this datacron, you will have to go on a hunt to find 4 Rakata energy cubes, you will find these in various places of the "The Tomb" area (attached a small map with different points of pop possible, they are not the only ones). These look like datacrons and are often hidden on the edge of a mountain, in tall grass or the like. (An urban legend speaks of a total repop of all the cubes at 21:06 p.m., I decided to believe it and I found three cubes very quickly, after that this is perhaps not always the case I maybe got lucky)

Note: These are not linked so they are tradable between players but not salable in the galactic market

Once the 4 cubes are in your pocket, go to the cave under the tree in (-531; -2171). You will find inside a machine in which you can insert your 4cubes and launch the sequence that will make your datacron appear (this one will be recoverable by all players passing through there for about 5 minutes, so you can share it with your friends or other players who pass by).

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