SWTOR - The Datacrons on Tatooine and Alderaan

In this guide, you will learn how to acquire datacrons on the planets Tatooine and Alderaan.



  • +3 Tip
  • +3 Willpower
  • Frag. Matrix Blue / +3 Stamina
  • +3 Aim

Empire Only

The datacron is located at the Mos Ila market, on a building (picture1). To access it you have to start from position 440, 510 (image 2). Find your way with the parasol next to it (picture 3). Jump on the large red veil (image 4) then continue straight. Climb on the cylindrical roofs and climb on the low wall to reach the building opposite (picture 5). You will have to do some well-adjusted jumps on the pipes (picture 6) in order to offer yourself this deserved datacron +3 tip.

At the Ridgeside Observation Post, take the path east. From there we can see the datacron. You have to continue the path to the edge of the cliff. Looking down we see a rock emerging from it. 1-2 jumps and we find ourselves in front of a cave filled with sand men. At the end, the +3 will awaits us.

Here is the location of 2 pretty hardcore datacrons to get. This is found in the Dune Sea. How to get them? Just go southwest of the map and look for a tank like the one above, half buried in sand. Get on this float and patiently wait for a hot air balloon to pick you up. It will take you to the place of the 2 Datacrons. However, allow 30 minutes or even 3/4 hours to wait, because it really does not go quickly.

Advice: do not change your instance and make sure you stay active in the game. If after 1/4 hours of inactivity you are kicked out of the game, when you return to it you will no longer be on the hot-air balloon but on the ground!

Below is the map with the precise data. Player: location of the 2 datacrons. Cursor: location of datacrons

NB: at the time of this writing (version 1.1.4) a bug known to the devs causes the hot air balloon to suddenly disappear. Wait for a next update

This Datacron is located where you do your Heroic 2 Player Quest just northwest of Mos Anek, a Sandman Hideaway. Just go to the edge of the west cliff, you will see some plane debris. Jump and land on the Datacron. And +3 in aim!

Thanks to Leny, here are all the details to go to the ball. Let’s be specific. You just got off the taxi or arrived with your fast travel and so you are in Thorazan. From there, if you go directly to the sand chariot that allows you to take the jawa balloon, count the following travel times:

  • Speeder + 90%: about 3 minutes.
  • Speeder + 100%: about 2 minutes and 50 seconds.
  • Speeder + 110%: about 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

Now here are the times for the ball:

  • Arrival of the balloon : you are on the sand chariot and you see the jawa balloon appear in the distance. As soon as you see it, count 11 minutes and 50 seconds before it stops in front of you, flush with the tank.
  • Waiting for the ball : the complete stop lasts exactly 10 seconds so do not drag too much if you have fallen while trying to jump.
  • Move to datacrons : the jawa balloon takes off again. Allow 24 minutes before jumping on the tank which has your datacrons.
  • Return of the datacrons to the tank from the beginning : normally you jumped on the datacron tank and picked them up. But if like me the first time you missed the red datacron, count 1 minutes and 18 seconds before the balloon is again stopped in front of the sand chariot at the beginning.
  • Total duration of the ride : in total, if you do not descend, you will spend 42 minutes and 30 seconds between the departure of the balloon and its return to the sand chariot.

So if a friend tells you that they just saw the jawa balloon appear in the distance while on the sand chariot, don't panic, remember that you still have 11 minutes and 50 seconds before the said balloon does not stop for 10 seconds in front of the tank. 



  • +4 Aim
  • +3 Willpower
  • +4 Stamina
  • +3 Endurance
  • +3 Presence

There are 2 ways to get this datacron. The 2nd is also in the video below. For the first method, follow the road between Fort d'Alde and Maison d'Alde, beyond the crossroads. Take the small bridge to the path that leads to the quest site and fork to the left. You will see 2 robots with a snowy path going up behind. You will fall directly on a platform with a zip line (picture 1). Wait for the big thing that will be called elevator arrives at you then jump on it (picture 3). It takes you directly to the datacron (picture 3). Along the way, you can admire the landscape (picture 4).

The other method is to go straight to the bottom of the rock where the datacron is. You can go up by climbing the rocks. It's hard enough, be persistent.

To get this datacron you will need to go to the Pantheer Castle, just west of Alderaan (picture 1). Enter the main room of the castle, the one where there is an instance for a main quest (picture 2). Turn left, you will see a door that appears to be closed. Sticking against it, you will notice that it is actually stoned and that you can sneak in (picture 4). Below is the map of the main room with the location of the door (picture 3). Go up the stairs, turn right and go straight ahead. Hop! +3 willpower.

This datacron is located in the northern area of ​​Alderaan, Thul Territory, to the east of the map. It is located at the Larantha Dam exactly (picture 1). If you're Imperial, fly to Thul Research Camp. When you reach the bottom of the dam, you can see the datacron on its facade with a ladder next to it (image 2). Jump some rocks below, then to climb the ladder simply jump the bars (picture 3).

If you can't, consider using the grapple!

First, go to coordinates 1868, 204. On the map you will see a seller icon (picture 2). This vendor sells 2 special items. The first grappling hook was used during beta testing for +4 vigor, but now it is used for the +10 stats datacron. The second is the one that interests us for this datacron. It is used to blow up a wall (picture 1).

Now go to the far southeast of the map (picture 5). It is a very dangerous region of Alderaan because it is populated among others by elite Kilikk of level 40 approximately (picture 4). In their base in the far south-east, there is also a cemetery for Republican players (picture 3), and a cave. In this cave go straight. Fight your way among the mob packs to arrive at a wall guarded by 2 elites (picture 6). On this wall click on the switch which will explode the wall and reveal the datacron +3 stamina to you. Warning: flipping the switch will also do area damage, freeing the Kilikk from crowd control.



Go east of Alderaan. At the Ghrent outpost, head northeast. By the river, at coordinates -414, -208 is a saddled thranta. Click on it and it will take you directly to the datacron +3 presence.


Not being able to make personal video, this one comes from "MisKit29" (youtube). Thanks to him.

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