SWTOR - The Hero of Arkania

Almost 400 years ago an Arkanian was born with mixed blood of sephi. In a society so proud and concerned about its genetic purity, it was destined and condemned to live out of society. Yet, a few years after his death, he had become the standard for what these people could do best. Or, if you prefer, it was chosen by political and economic authorities as the emblem of their society. What a social leap he made! And how did he do it? He became a Jedi Knight and even one of the most famous masters of his time. A legend during his lifetime. What then of what became of him after his death?

Little is known about the early years of his life, which makes sense considering they took place on Arkania. As the Arkanian authorities did not want the less glorious parts of his life to be known, they set out to erase them. Like, for example, that he wasn't pure blood. This period when he lived on the margins of their society not being in their favor, the censors applied themselves to the redaction. The first major mention he left in history was linked to -377 before the Treaty of Coruscant. Then a Jedi knight, he was part of the expedition that faced and defeated the Lorell Pirates of the Amas of Hapès. This campaign is one of the founding elements of the society of the Consortium of Hapès (non-aligned territory). He shone so brightly in these battles that he was appointed to lead two dozen Jedi against the Neloris Marauders of the Hyabb-Twith Corridor. At the end of these conflicts, he was renowned as one of the best swordsmen in the Order and a strategist who could rely on Combat Meditation. In short, he was a master of the Jedi Order.

In -362 before the Treaty of Coruscant, the prototype droid HK-01 initiated a machine uprising, the Great Droid Revolution. Master Arca Jeth found himself in the front line. During various fights, techniques to deactivate droids by Force were developed. He is credited with the one called Mechu Macture. On Coruscant, he confronted the enemy leader and destroyed him, ending the conflict. Then he returned to Arkania. This time he was hailed as a hero. He was to run a Praxeum, Jedi enclave and academy there. Among his first pupils he had Barrison Draay, the heir to a very wealthy family from Coruscant whose resources would be of great value to the Order, his servant Haazen and the heiress of a powerful Jedi dynasty Krynda Hulis (future wife by Barrison Draay). They perfectly illustrate the ambitions of the Jedi for the time. Having become a member of the Jedi Council, he still happened to lead various missions in the galaxy. One of them left him badly burned, and the Arkanian doctors who treated him took the opportunity to remove the traces of his Sephi origins like his pointed ears. He saved the Twi'lek Doneeta clan from slave traders and brought young Tott back with him. Jedi master Lien-Tsai Qel-Droma of Alderande sent her twin sons Ulic and Cay, whom she felt too close to train them. These were his last known apprentices.

In -347 before the Treaty of Coruscant, the planet Onderon joined the Galactic Republic. The political situation there was so precarious that a Jedi Watcher was appointed, and Arca Jeth was asked to take on this role. He did not go there right away, preferring to send his three apprentices there as a test to complete their training. He didn't expect to have to intervene after just three days. But no one could have foreseen that the royal family descended from the apprentice of a former Sith Lord, and that his ghost was still pulling the strings. Civil war was declared. Under his leadership, the allied forces of the Jedi succeeded in driving the Naddites (named Freedon Nadd, the Sith from whom the royal family descended) from power. The counterattack captured him, and he was tortured in front of the ghost. But he did not fall on the Dark side. And meanwhile, Ulic Qel-Droma received reinforcements and established himself as a capable warlord. He freed his master and won the war. Arca Jeth was then one of the main architects of reconstruction. The conflict against the heirs of the Sith was moving elsewhere, against the Krath. In -344 before the Treaty of Coruscant, the Jedi Council organized a grand conclave bringing together the majority of Order members to discuss more active participation in the conflict. But their enemies sent several battle droids to plunge the meeting into Chaos. Mortally wounded, Arca Jeth agonized in Ulic's arms before dissolving into the Force like the greatest Jedi masters do.

Arca Jeth's legacy was quickly clouded. One of the direct consequences of his death was the fall into the Dark side of Ulic Qel-Droma. He quickly became number two in the new Brotherhood of the Sith. The Great War of the Sith ravaged the galaxy and traumatized the Jedi. Cay Qel-Droma and Barrison Draay both died in the later battles. Decades later, it was discovered that following the conflict, Kyndra Draay (formerly Hulis) and Haazek had founded the Pact, a splinter faction of the Jedi Order. Only Tott Doneeta remained on the safe side, but he spent the majority of his life ensuring that peace reigned on Ryloth the planet of the Twi'lek. A Mandalorian scientist nicknamed Demagol attempted to clone him to understand the secrets of the Force. It might have tarnished his reputation, but the Jedi preferred to remember his achievements during his lifetime and leave his heirs to their own choices. And the Arkanians erected it as a symbol of what one of their own could achieve, in particular thanks to the influence and the money of House Adasca, close to the Draay. One of Arkania's largest universities bears his name. If a Jedi apprentice wishes to call upon the wisdom of this great teacher, he has bequeathed his holocron to the Order. And even more, the Temple of Coruscant once held the neotikon of science to which it was linked ...




  • The Legend of the Jedi, Volume 3: The Coronation of Freedon Nadd
  • Legend of the Jedi Book 4: Lords of the Sith

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