SWTOR - KOTET in master mode # 6

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Attention this series of articles contains spoilers on the history of KOTFE and KOTET.

If you want to keep all the surprise on this content, stop at these lines.

[Having validated the chapters automatically, some of my choices were not taken into account in this part. In particular Arcann will tell us that we did not kill Senya although it was the choice made in the guide. Thus, the fight will have Arcann as an allied partner and we will not have to face him.] 

With the GEMINI droids returned to their original roles, Vaylin has regained control of the Eternal Fleet and is already using his status to attack us and our allies. We then learn from Theron that a dignitary of Zakuul wishes to dismiss her and that he has contacted us. We agree to act to destabilize Vaylin and plan to intervene at the party she is throwing for her induction.

The dignitary, Indo Zal, asks us in passing to release his friends who are about to be executed by the Zakelian authority. To help us, he provides us with a ship and disguises. So here we are, dressed like knights of Zakuul.

Based on infiltration, this chapter will require dodging skyline guards. They are represented by large red circles and it will therefore be necessary to find the way. Let's start by entering the great room by passing on the left, then dodge again the other guards while passing by the central room. We then meet Indo Zal. It gives us enough to put loads on the control modules allowing the triggering of the electric collars worn by the rebels. Unfortunately, the game asks us to think about how to access the points by not guiding us. Rest assured, if you did it in story mode it's the same process, otherwise we'll explain how to do it next.

Speaking to a knight of Zakuul, we learn that we are not allowed through certain doors. A second guard upstairs also denies us access before meeting a third who indicates that we will not go before the relief, unless we bring him a meal. So we go to see the kitchen clerk downstairs, who opens the door for us despite the fact that he tells us that we are not entitled to it. We access a room where we collect a meal that we bring upstairs. The room is then open to us and we take a shield from the captain of the guard to then access the control module 6 (-387; 85; 145).

Horizon Guards to Dodge

Meanwhile, Vaylin receives a message informing her that she might be able to shake off her mind control. But Inod Zal is caught listening to him. Not being aware of this event, we continue to the following modules. The shield allows us to go through new doors. The first in (-307; -6; 145) upstairs, but it does not unlock anything for the moment. We then descend into (-306; -21; 131) to open the next one and access the control module 1 in the small room on the right. We then access the basement where we collect a foreman access code in (-281; ​​-11; 113).  We then go back to (-387; -11; 131) on the ground floor to validate the control module 2. We then go to (-292; 100; 131) to access a new room. The console in the back left is our goal, but we would be directly spotted, so we head right to go through the next door and return to the basement.

We cross the beast pit, activate it control module 3 (-356; 131; 113) before accessing the machine room (-239; -38; 113) where is the control module 4. The engine room console unlocks another door, activating a shortcut to the room where we found the foreman's pass. On the way we return to the pit and pick up the medicine in front of Bergole. We end with the control module 5 in (-373; 19; 149) upstairs.

Lana contacts us and tells us that Vaylin has started his speech. The doors being then closed we are forced to bypass through the kitchen before leaving our armor. We learn that Vaylin has taken Indo Zal and during her speech, she announces that no one will be able to save him. That's when we interrupt it. Vaylin sets off a trap that sends the rebels into the pit before attempting to kill us by throwing a structure from the ceiling to crush us. The conditioning protects us and makes him lose his grip in front of the cameras.

It is then that Arcann arrives, with his ship he destroys, pierces the defenses and orders the capture of Vaylin to the troops who accompany him. We don't want to be stuck like that, but his intervention triggered a security causing the doors to close. We dive into the pit. A fairly safe first group of three forts and an elite is our first fight in the chapter.

They are followed by a rancor named Junior. Indo Zal must survive this fight. The rancor will tend to seek food, so it is necessary to interrupt its capacity "find a snack". With melee it might be possible to interrupt abilities, but this is not the case with a class playing at a distance. It will therefore be necessary to ensure that neither we nor Indo Zal do let's be the closest to rancor as some abilities pass.

Once done, Indo Zal couldn't have dreamed of better than a royal clash between Vaylin and Arcann. We order him to take his troops to safety, because they would only get in the way, and although we like the dark, we wouldn't like to have rebels in our hands. Then Lana tells us where Vaylin and Arcann are. We join them. It will be necessary to eliminate the forces of Zakel in the passage and to pay attention to the angry beast. Its damage is very important, as are its hit points. We don't think it's possible to kill her other than pushing her into the void.

Once the path has been followed and the many guards eliminated. We find Arcann attacking the Horizon guards. We join forces with his to defeat them. Arcann becomes a new partner that we control by activating three abilities that will be found in the Inheritance bar. The first allows you to remove the protection of the horizon guard, the second to take the attention of all the enemies around and the last is a reflection. Arcann must not die. It will be necessary to interrupt a maximum of invocations of reinforcements to help simplify the combat while concentrating on the horizon guard to go quickly.

After that, Arcann bows and swears loyalty to us. Vaylin, mad with anger, bombs the site and we join Lana to flee. Arcann is greeted on Odessen, though not with open arms by everyone and warns us that Vaylin surely has a plan to end his conditioning.

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