SWTOR - The Hunt for 10: Chapter 1

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Hi everybody !

This story is an initiative of Tifa and Kiràly who share the writing. As the authors and narrators vary, he will specify them each time.

Several of their respective characters appear there, although those of Tifa are not yet embodied, on the Battle Meditation server. So if you come across some of them… (the colors don't match whether they're a character or not!)

The Hunt for 10 is a story at the heart of the war, seen from the Imperial side. An equivalent, in connection and on the republican side, will be drawn up, and will complete these imperial adventures.

I would like to apologize in advance to all those who are put off by vulgar, even coarse vocabulary, because they are present in the writing. Understand by this that it is only for immersion, and that I am not attacking anyone, except fictional characters. Hopefully that won't offend too much.

For those who prefer the colorless version, here are the links to the original texts (a correction is pending).

Chapter 1: Respect to be earned

Written by Kiràly, point of view of Phobias.


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The red sand of Korriban. This is the only natural setting that you can see as far as the eye can see, if you ignore the mountains.

Excessive idleness. Such is the unique behavior of all young academicians, if I am ignored.

And I am often ignored. But not enough for my taste. And paradoxically, too much. All these Sith dream of being alongside Malgus in the next battle, and bragging about war merits they haven't even accomplished ... In the room filled with masterless apprentices, I'm the only one to throw one eye both outside and on the door, just to keep an eye out for our master at arms - if he deigns to show himself.

It's pitiful, this way of taking the Sith for children, confining them like a school. But hey, I had a terrible time getting it right, I'm not going to spit on it right away. As my thoughts wander as I gaze at the statues of the Valley of the Sith, the voice of a young pedant calls out to me: "Hey, jerk! You got the wrong class, get out!" But he received no oral response. I just raise my right arm, my fist closed except for the middle finger. The poor guy bursts out in anger: "You're a dead man, you dumbass! I have strangled you so hard that you won't even be able to breathe!" He cries, trying to use the Force.

"That's the purpose of a strangulation, moron," I told him, turning around. And stop that, you're pathetic. "The poor man notices his helplessness and puts his hand on his lightsaber. Pfff ... what a sluggard! By the time he takes it, finds the button, turns it on and points it at me, I have already sliced ​​his trachea with my blood-glowing sword. A Force flick knocks him back, and the victim dies in the center of the room, under the gaze of the stunned others.

The fencing master finally enters, and notices the future corpse on the ground: "Well, some have already started the course without me!

- It's him, sir! tells me about an apprentice close to him.

- It's really you ? asks the master, after a moment of reflection.

- Why ? Do you mind that I redone the parquet?

- Idiot ! Fool! A Sith never denounces himself, especially if it is him! We must blame someone else! he shouts at me.

- Useless. Take a look at this class. Do you really think that would have been credible? They don't even know how to hold their sabers properly! "A comrade of the one on the ground then draws his weapon, and comes forward, crushing his friend in the process." That's it, yeah, I'm going to prove you the opposite! "I get up then, and place myself in front of him.

"You're holding it badly now. You have to tighten the handle first, as if your life depended on it." As I say this, I put pressure on his saber, and the blade wobbles. My opponent barely realizes that I have full control of his limbs and his equipment, when I finish humiliating him: "And then, in your case, you have to hold your sword with the second hand, welded to this tool. of war, so that only victory can accompany you. " By saying that, I make him do the gesture, and increasing with the Force, I detonate his saber in his hands. "What ??? !!! But uh ... MY SABER !!

- That was crap.

- I'm going to smash, you're not going to understand anything, he declares to me, taking the weapon of a girl to his right, who contemplates the fight, like all the others. PUNCTURE !!! "For my part, I light my saber, and draw a holey vibro-blade with my left hand." What? What do you want to do with this? my opponent chuckles. It's ridiculous! ”But I didn't answer him.

I spin my blades at equal weight, while the other just looks for a weak spot on my vibroblade. When he finally attempts an attack, my other saber cuts his arm off at the wrist. Then, by Force, takes the table to his right, and throws it against him, sending him to the wall. With my other hand, I release the stolen sword from its grip, and place it in my hands.

The tension falls in the room. I walk towards the girl who is missing a saber, and gently puts her Universal Cutting Tool. She was amazed, but I don't know. I walk towards the fencing master. "If you said what you have to say?

- Oh ? Have you noticed? It's surprising, coming from a shit like you ... "I just watch him. He's a master, killing him won't be easy, but hey ... withholding me discounts is my daily life, anyway.

"Well, just know that I'm not here to take a normal course. I'm going to introduce you to a Sith, like you, who just acquired the title of Dark very recently, and therefore, shortly after passing the tests." He then points to the door of the room: "Come in, Dark Lana."

It is then that a young woman appears in armor, but who nevertheless knows how to remain seductive. With a determined step, she climbs on the platform and announces: "I am Darth Lana, but you may have crossed me as an apprentice ... Know that now I am no longer that person! When a Sith gets a title, and a name, you don't have to call me like before ... is that clear ?! " The impressed class does not respond. Darth Lana then resumes: "I was sent here to look for a hothead, to help Darth Tifa.

- Who is that ? asks a boy in the background.

- A Sith Inquisitor of the Upper Sphere! "A flash of terror flooded the hall except for three people. The two on the dais, and myself, remained silent. But Darth Lana broke it," I thought. having to search the academy back and forth before you find a good Sith, but ... "She turns to me:" ... you should be able to die hard enough, long enough to be useful enough, right?

- Why didn't she ask you to do it, if she wants someone effective? ”With these words, Leanna finds herself completely confused: when she insulted him, he gave her a compliment! And on top of that ... he's right! Why not her? Torn by this contradiction, she adds calmly: "It's not my responsibility. Die very quickly, story that I replace the earlier.

- I would have done it with pleasure, but I hold on to life, as shitty as it is. "With these words, I stand up and add in front of Darth Lana's bewildered face for a second time:" Master, where can I? I find this Darth Tifa?

- She must have a throne, inquire at the academy, they will surely know where she is. "With that, I leave this room, which does not know what to do in front of the phenomenon that I am.

The room is silent for at least ten minutes, when another woman walks in: "Hello everyone, and excuse me, I'm Darth Tifa and ... Oh? Are you there, Lana?"

- Uh, yes ... I found you a Sith to do this rough ... uh ... to accompany you.

- It's a kikitoudur, right?

- He's the one who just did that, explains Lana, pointing to the poor dying men.

- But it is that he manages! I just need to mentally control him, and that will make me a great toy! "This reply is enough to provoke unanimous applause in the room, as to the fate reserved for the one who has just left. while Lana takes the opportunity to ask Darth Tifa: "Why are you looking for an apprentice here, when you can choose among the people you already know, and be sure that she will do the job?

“How long have the Sith been trusting?” She sends him back. Lana nods then, because that's indeed a rule she knows very well. “Well, he's gone down the halls, for you. search.

- Perfect, if he comes back this way, tell him to find me on my throne: I have to do. And then, if there are other candidates, tell them to wait until I gut that one before. "Lord Tifa then leaves, under the laughter of the individuals remaining in the class, who do not go away. notice that five minutes later, that they do not know if it was frank, or if it was humor ...

While I get up, having listened to the whole discussion, having stayed at the other door in the meantime; to follow Darth Tifa.

The Dark Lord is seated on his throne, and is consulting a holo-document, when she sees through it, a figure who has entered the dark room. She turns off her device, and without moving her gaze, fixes the individual.

A strange man, clad in a dark cloak, approaches the Sith Lord. His arms back, holding two blades, evoke wings to this creature of the night. The weapon on the right emits a characteristic glow of corruption: a fiery red, a symbol of a power no other sword could match. His other hand holds a perforated vibroblade, allowing him to fight with two weapons of identical weight.

Slow but powerful, he approaches the steps leading to the throne of Dark Tifa. Once in front of the first, the line of light goes out, and the little man puts symmetrically, and with unparalleled grace, his war tools at his belt.

He raises his hood and addresses the beautiful woman, in a serene voice: "Whatever the backgrounds, there are always geniuses, conformists, heroes, people of confidence, corrupt, a crowd that produced the mean, and their painkillers. I was one, and through their fault he made me taste the limitless power of my anger. Through fear, I would make myself respected, and like a shadow, I would be elusive. "

The Sith then kneels on the ground, raises his head, staring at the Sith Lord, "Let me be your apprentice, and I will make sure you never regret it."

Slightly surprised, Tifa adds: "Well young man, it's not every day that people ask me that ... who are you?

- Your joujou, as you aptly named it ...

- Oh ... I see, we're listening at the doors. Never trust others, you have to know. But be aware that it is not so obvious: sometimes it has to be done. But your story seems to prove your possible sincerity. You understood what the real power of the dark side was. You will be my apprentice. Only those who have suffered can make their enemies truly suffer. "

She comes down from her throne, kisses him on the forehead and says:

"Now you can understand what the dark side is ...

Now you can unleash your hatred!

- You have a mission, it seems to me.

- Yes, I have to kill a Jedi on Dromund Kaas. A knight of the shadows, who prowl around the high spheres of the Empire.

- Do you have a ship?

- Yes.

- Not me. Shall I hitchhike you? ”Darth Tifa smiles, and then leads me to the hangar where we leave for our first victim.

As the young master and I walk towards the hangar, a recognizable silhouette is offered to us: Lana is waiting for us on the forecourt of the automatic door. "Here! What are you doing here, Lana?

- I'm waiting for an explanation! she shouts at us.

- What about ? I say calmly.

- OF YOU !

- Oh ?

- Lana, what's the problem? Tifa asks her.

- Why him, he goes on a mission with YOU ??? !!!

- Because you sent me there, I send back to him. Did you want it to be another? Didn't you want my death?

- Oh yes, I'm just waiting for that! "The excited youngster draws her saber at an impressive pace, preventing me from exploding her saber like the other jester. She gives a blow, which is found in the void, because I made a hell of a leap back to avoid Her blow, I draw my two weapons when she throws herself at me with the Force. I parry her assault by swinging her over me. In a boundless rage, she turns and glares at me. She turns and waits for me to attack. Except that I'm not attacking. I just stand there, ready to defend myself. " Why don't you attack ?! You did well, earlier! It's because I'm a girl, right?

- No. Because you are a Sith lord. Smashing pequenots with a shovel, I have nothing against. But nobles, no.

- You finished your hypocrite ?! Stop looking down on me! I don't believe you for a single second!

- Besides the fact that I'm more likely to be defracted, I have no reason to kill you, or rather, I have more to keep you alive.

- MAKING FUN OF !!!"She rushes at me screaming. I parry her assault, and she continues with her punches. She circles around me, trying not to move me, and finally, she finds herself a saber against a saber. Then, we feel the same by Force: another danger. But shit, there's one out there that I can't afford to ignore, we think. Feeling the flash of Force swooping down on us, I parry with my left hand gun Dark Lana and I turn our heads to watch the parade when ... Hey? !! It's the vibroblade! IT DOESN'T PROTECT LIGHTNING !!!

And vlan, the two challengers find themselves on the ground.

Tifa walks up to us and comments: "Haven't you finished, you two?"

- He's the one who started it! "Lana exclaims. For my part, I just sigh." Why don't you denounce her? Besides, you would be right!

- No need. And then, it sinks very well on its own.

- What ?? !! "And while Darth Lana is about to take his weapon to strike me a blow, Darth Tifa briefs her, literally." Enough! Y'en fed up. Lana, what's your problem? You are jealous ?

- Yes ! I wanted to go with you! And then you take that sub-shit with you, like I don't deserve it!

- But tell me ... shit as it is ... He stands up to you, right? "Adds Tifa. Lana then takes the tendency to accuse the answer, then turns to the other girl:" But ... He's not even Dark!

- So what ? Rise in rank can be done very quickly, even for him, if necessary. You are the proof, I call you back!

"I don't feel like earning the title of Dark, or even Lord, on the spot… that would be too much," I told them.

- What is this humility ?! Master ! But look ! He stinks of the Jedi! "Tifa then seems surprised by his words." The Jedi? Does the Jedi stink?

- Yes, with those stupid thoughts, his nonchalance, and that arrogant look! He's a Jedi! He is not made for the dark side, he deserves death!

"I can hardly see how I could have been a Jedi, having only lived on Korriban and Dromund Kaas," I confess.

- What prevents you from being on Korriban when there was still republic, eh?

- Stop it, Lana, stop. You want to come ? We have to run up against a Jedi, on Dromund, exactly.

- I ... can I? That is true ?

- You showed enough willpower to impress me, as always ... so, yes. But beware, I'll take you both.

- All right, Master Tifa, I say.

- C .. Got it, Darth Tifa "Darth Lana adds. Tifa reaches out to pick him up, then turns and walks towards the ship. In turn, I extend my arm to Lana, who glares at me. She turns around. head, and tries to stand up on her own. But the lightning strikes her more banged up than me, and she falls back to the ground. My hand remains at her height, and finally, she looks at me with an embarrassed air, before taking my hand, I raise it calmly, and we make our way to Darth Tifa's ship.

"Okay, girls, we're off for three days of hyperspace." Master Tifa tells us. “There must be enough chambers in Fury for you to support each other.

- Yes, I tell him.

- The whole space wouldn't be big enough for both of us, Lana answers.

- Ahem "ends Tifa. That's when I go to the infirmary, to heal Tifa's lightning wounds. Once in front of the door, I hear Lana's voice behind me:" Take a step. more !

- What's the matter ?

- I'm going through the infirmary first.

- If you want, women first, as they say.

- Oh no ! You are not going to start over with your superior air!

- Well, well tell yourself that you deserve it because you are more hurt than me.

- Yeah, okay ... huh? But no !

- What?

- Tired of it! Why are you like that! Do you think I can't see it, that you're a camouflaged Jedi ?!

- I'm not a Jedi ...

- Do not care ! You stink of the Jedi! And I am a Sith. So, you clear, and you have no interest in watching!

- It does not risk. "As I say this, I turn to leave. Outraged, Lana adds:" Like, don't you think I'm beautiful? !!!

- Because maybe you think that shouting at me will change a lot?

- Well uh ...

- Being Sith does not mean behaving like a bastard with everyone, just with the bad ones, and therefore the Jedi, but not only. "With these words, Lana finds herself unable to say anything ... just to avoid pass for an idiot, she takes up the previous subject, in a more playful tone: “If you don't check me out, I'll take it badly!” And she closes the door to the infirmary.

I know one who will take it very badly. I turn my gaze, and realize that we were being watched by an invisible witch. "Oh, am I in the open? Too bad.

- You spy on your own Padawans now.

- She makes me laugh when she's like that! I would pay millions to see this all the time! ... well, maybe not as much, I don't have them -unless I draw from the academy's account- but hey.

- As you are able to make yourself invisible, it may have fun for three days.

- Oh yes ! If you don't want to hurt her, just stay in front of the door, so that when she comes out she thinks you are watching her.

- But I don't want to ...!

- It's an order, Tifa adds humorously.

- Shit ... "With that, I decide to sit down, my back to the wall of the infirmary ...

After half an hour, Lana leaves the room, and sees me. "Here? What are you doing here?

- Guess what.

- Oho ... finally I'm more interested in you than expected ...

- Imagine what you want, I tell him, getting up to leave.

- Hey ! Come back uh ... wait!

- What's the matter ?

- I don't even know your name, actually!

- Phobias. Phobias Orrodia.

- Orrodia ??? !!! The big family that presides over four of the largest companies linked to the Empire? Are you ... from there?

- Yes.

- But that's ... how come ...

- I can ? I cut it, pointing to the entrance to the infirmary.

- Ah? Uh ... yes, of course. But are you sure you don't like me? "That's when I had the misfortune to turn around. Lana strikes a super flirty pose, which few people would resist. Rooooh, damn! I haven't. want to fight again, not against her. Well, how do I show her ... I can almost hear the thoughts of Master Tifa saying to me, "watch her a little, if you want peace." But shit, I have I don't want to! I look down ... shit, she's cleavage, included in the armor. I come in quickly and close the automatic door. Pfiou! I then hear her footsteps receding.

Well, that is avoided. "Well then? You could have done better, young apprentice!

- You are there ? I point out to him. Could I heal myself from your electric attacks, or are all the girls on the ship gonna jump on me?

- But no ... still that I know her well, my apprentice, concedes Tifa, coming out of her invisibility. She's a Sith, a real one. And she likes to dominate on all levels, a bit like me ... But not like you, apparently ...

- Apprentice? But she's Dark, right?

- Yes, she cumulates! But she remains my apprentice, despite that. Maybe I'll explain that to you later.

- Fuck me. So ... we're two apprentices there?

- That doesn't prevent her from being strong, be careful!

- I don't want to kill you, neither you, nor your padawan.

- Uh? Don't you want more power? Tifa asks me, surprised.

- Read the academy report. "As my teacher is about to leave, she realizes a small detail that could make the difference:" It hasn't been twice that you said padawan to the apprentice place? How come ?

- An apprentice can be for anything. A padawan is in the Force. Personally, I find it more respectful.

- You stink of the Jedi, indeed ... confides Tifa, with a suspicious eye.

- You were there when I told Darth Lana: a Sith is not a complete bastard. We have to be, but if we do it all the time, there would be no hierarchy, right? If the whole Empire did as it pleases, there won't be any, or there will only be one individual. I'm afraid the Republic would kill him in that case ... "While I convince Tifa, we walk towards the door of the room, finally ending up on the forecourt. Tifa then adds:" It's not wrong .. And by the way, you know, I'm only two years older than Lana. Won't you like me? ”This time, I just push the button to close the automatic door, and lock it.

After eliminating the poison that Lana had left in the reserve, I finally position myself in the kolto vat to recover.

I sigh ... not easy, life with two damn seductive girls alike ... I better show my proof if I want to be easy.

I spent the rest of the day meditating, and listening to the words in the ship. Master Tifa seemed taken aback by my past when she checked the academy's holo-journals for my topic, while Lana practiced most of the time. Having finally waited for Lana and Tifa to fall asleep - which was particularly long for the latter - I finally decided to sleep.

Being a light sleeper, I then feel a presence, after a while. Someone opened the door to my room. "Uh ... it's just me, warn Lana. I'm not disturbing you?" Nah but like! I'm sleeping, but no, you don't mind ... But I am silent. Suddenly I feel a heavy weight on me. I open my eyes instinctively, and see the fact: Lana is sitting on me, in a very ... short position and held, full of innuendo. "What's going on ?

- I saw how you reacted, so ... I think you deserve something, right? she replies flirtatiously.

- Can you explain to me ?

- Like ... you know, I'm only sixteen, so you must be the same, right? "She said starting to lean towards me. The situation could be very ... hot." , if it continued. " Put that gun away, Lana.

- What? she answers me calmly. You don't have to give names like ...

- Your lightsaber. I feel it. Put it away and get out of my room. "Probably having understood that I understood, Lana takes a stern expression." You're in a weak position anyway. I'm going to kill you, and there's nothing you can do. A Force duel would probably not lead to anything, but here I have a major advantage, my saber is much better placed than yours, because it is behind my back.

- Lana. What you feel between your legs is NOT what you think. I just have to press the button by Force, and you end up on a skewer. "Lana takes a deep breath, totally surprised." Shit. "She admits, in a frightened voice." We're going to pass. a deal. You don't want to be skewered, and I care about my skin. I give you the choice, you grab your sword, and you're in two, or you get up calmly, and you go back to bed.

- I'm… going to bed… ”Lana then stands up calmly, gets off the bed, and walks with a vexed step towards the door. I then get up, and follow her. hand, Lana hears the sound and turns around: "But ... was your sword really there?"

- That you will never know!"I told him in a Machiavellian tone, before slamming the automatic door.

Locked in, I meditate to listen to Lana's words. I can feel his anger boiling on the other side, but I can feel something else too: "Phobias, you'll see! The attack is over now. I'm going to stay very good, and watch your fall ... and when the time comes, I'll finish you off! "

The following days were rather calm: while Lana avoided me most of the time - to my delight - Tifa walked up and down the ship. Once, Lana came to me to challenge me with the sword. We started with training blades, but that gave a "school" air to the case. We switched to a lightsaber each, and in the end, it ended up being a victory for Lana. She would have tried to finish me off, but just as she was about to do so, she took a nasty kick in the sensitive parts for a woman. The fight ended up on that. Oh no, I forgot Tifa's sermon, who noticed that I was not giving it my all. "If the Sith kill each other, the Republic will prevail." that was the only answer I could give him, but it was enough to allow me to leave the room quietly.

Here I am now in the cockpit of the Fury, guiding the ship towards Dromund Kaas, following a ship that seems to be heading there as well ...

As I contemplate the gait of the Fury, following a second ship, I hear Master Tifa approaching behind: "Have you taken to piloting, Phobias?

- Not especially. The subliminal speed is over, we can see Dromund Kaas from here. We'll be there in twenty minutes.

- Tell me, it seemed to me that you were fighting, melee, not that you were playing with the Force.

- Why are you telling me that?

- You just meditated during the trip, no physical training. However, fighting with two weapons is not easy!

- I could only practice when I have a second lightsaber.

- You just had to steal it from the one you killed in class! Lana shouts to me, coming from behind.

- It wasn't his: he stole it from a girl in the class, I point out.

- And you gave it back! Lana adds.

- Nope ??!!! Did you do that? Oh ! I missed a beautiful one, I would have liked to be there to see his face! our master grants us.

- I want to take a good saber. I want one cut by a Jedi.

- Huh? Why, Phobias?

- Lana is right, why such an idea?

- For two things: one, it will prove that I killed one, allowing to secure respect to those who are in the know. And two, if I light a Jedi saber in the middle of Coruscant, who will pursue me? Nobody. It is the ultimate camouflage tool.

- Not stupid, admits Lana.

"Completely stupid," Tifa belittles me. A true Jedi will immediately recognize that you are a Sith! No need to wait to see the color of the sword! "But while Tifa debates the abilities of the Jedi, Lana notices something through the glass:" Hey! Look outside!

- Hmm? The ship ? Well, seeing that we are going to Dromund Kaas, and that this one seemed to be going there, I decided to follow him.

- Well done Phobias. Do you know what it's like? Tifa asks me.

- A carrier ?

- OF THE REPUBLIC !!! Lana yells at me.

- What? Shit !

- We're going to shoot him! Lana orders, putting her hand on the fire button.

- No, Lana. We're going to do better, Tifa admits, with a Machiavellian smile. We will follow him to find out where he was going. Once on the ground, we will see where its load will go, and we will search the vessel in the process.

“Sounds like a good idea to me, master,” Lana adds.

- But how do you manage to see that, girls?

- There, on the edge, it has the Republican badge, certainly, erased as if it were an old freighter, but it is there, explains my master.

- But ... what if it was really a stolen ship? So in the hands of the Empire now? I ask them.

- Uh ... well you know what? We act like, and then, if there is a Jedi walking around Dromund Kaas, well it will be your fault, announces Lana.

- What? But no !

- Calm down Phobias, reassures me Tifa. We chase him, and we see on the spot. "And that's when we break away from the convoy to follow the dubious cargo vessel. A third vessel also deviates from the track, and this mini convoy approaches. from the military port of the Dromund base.

Finally, the third vessel departs to go towards the political department, and our vessel remains a good distance from the big one, which lands on the platform of the central barracks. The suspicions are starting to turn out to be correct. Our Fury lands on the small ship platform in a building next door. We descend quickly, equipped, and take positions at the entrance to the platform. The militiamen told us that no one had come out yet. We take our places on either side of the entrance, and time flies.

“What the hell are they doing? Asks Lana.

- They're preparing for unloading. It may take a long time. Or they're kidding us, and they're Republicans, Tifa explains.

- Can we try to go and see? If they are Sith, well, we leave, and if not, we beam them, I suggest.

- Yeah ... but let's wait a bit, Tifa orders. So much time wasted, it doesn't make sense ... "

After about fifteen minutes, the three of us are at the end of the line. Like one person, we get up, and take a determined step towards the ship. It is then that Tifa sees the catwalk: "Is it closed ??

- Uh? What is this trap? Lana asks.

- I'm the first surprised ...

- Well, we will use the big means! "Says Tifa. She reaches out her arms towards the ship, and lightning flashes from her fingers. She searches through lightning the electronic corners, until she manages to open the airlock by force - or Force, should I say - coming down in front of us. An Empire soldier sticks his head out to one side, and looks at us: "Did you do that?

- Yes why ? our master replies, while the three of us walk up the catwalk.

- Bah, I'm going to warn the technicians that it's open! We've been stuck there for half an hour because of that damn bridge!

- Are you kinding me ??!!! cries Darth Tifa. Can't you open an airlock? How come the Empire ends up with such incompetents ?!

- But it's not our ship! We stole it from the Republic, and it turns out to be a little more complicated than expected ... And since we don't have a torch on board, it is impossible to break down the door that we damaged during the space combat ... "Lana turns her head to the right, Tifa swings hers between left and right, while the two girls on my left look at him. A single thought comes to us: MEEEEEEERDE !!!!

“Do you mind if we lightly inspect the ship?” Asks Tifa, still in doubt.

- Of course not, answers the soldier. Do you want us to guide you?

- No need. "Lana finishes. We start walking through the rooms, quickly looking for anything. But it seems hopeless. The central corridor: no republican. Turrets and other weapons: neither. Cockpit. : RAS Interior control room: still nothing Space airlock: guess what? Well nothing ... As we were about to inspect the weapon reserve and the goods, an explosion was heard in the distance. very far. Illico, we run to reach the Cockpit, which was in the direction of the sound. "What happened? asks Tifa.

- What was that explosion? Lana adds.

- Here you are ? It's not us, warns the captain. Look over there. "We look up at the window, which overlooks government buildings. Smoke is billowing in the distance." The explosion comes from there, says the pilot.

- What ?! Okay, girls, we're going there! "Tifa orders us. We quickly pick up a good pace to get out of the stolen Republican cargo ship.

On the way, Lana realizes the trap: "Wasn't there another ship that had gone over there when we followed the freighter?

- Yes. Oh shit, it was them every time! says Tifa. Fuck, say we followed this ship instead ...

- Do we take a taxi, or do we do everything on foot?

"With all the fire fighting vehicles coming, there's no need to clutter the area, Phobias," Tifa informs me.

- And then, we arrive in five minutes "adds Lana. And indeed, five minutes later, we arrive on the scene. A huge explosion reached the walls of the surrounding buildings, and set fire to the most fragile. looking around, Tifa wonders: "Strange, all that. Why explode here? Could they have reached the ministry instead?

- What is the building there? I ask.

- The Ministry of Culture "describes Lana. Then, turning, she points to and names the others:" There, these are dwellings of the upper sphere, here, the library, and there ... the great imperial archives. Or rather, the unidentified stock ... OH FUCK !!!

- Yes, Lana! The explosion opened a direct breach to the basement! says Master Tifa.

- They would like to take unidentified objects? What value does it have, if we don't know what it is?

"At first glance, I'll agree with you, Phobias, but ... they might be stolen items, so the Republicans are looking to take it back from us," Lana explains to me.

- I know, among other things, what is inside, the girls, and therefore WE WILL NOT STAY PLANT THERE! Tifa orders.

- What is it ? I ask her, following her.

- Secret defense. "With that word, Lana and I are convinced, and we head inside.

The few rubble leaves a direct passage to the basement, and a large room is offered to us. "They can be gone in any direction ... what do we do, Master Tifa?

- You know, sometimes, do not ask questions: we all rush into the heap!

- Uh, I propose to separate to improve the search! "Declares Lana. Tifa shrugs her shoulders, and goes to the right. Seeing Lana run straight ahead, I decide to take on the left.

The shelves of a wacky library are a veritable labyrinth, moreover when the only writings are incomprehensible labels hanging from certain objects - 'tin, they could have put Aurabesh, at least! - which absolutely does not help me to find my bearings.

I finally arrive at a door. I take it and arrive in a vast staircase going up and down. Hearing a few clicks down, I walk over to them. Great, three exits. Well, rather than doing it at random, and being fooled like every time, I'm going to follow Tifa's instincts: to the right.

Another dark room. Still rays and rays of shabby objects, and hardly any light. Great: the interview at Dromund Kaas well deserves its reputation. While a single source of light barely illuminates the huge room, I walk forward looking around. Metal catwalks litter the ceiling, and their iron bars invoke moving shadows on the dimly lit floor. I advance in the half-light, when a few discreet steps are heard. I stop and look around for what may have made this noise. "No more gesture!" I am shouted behind my back, as a red saber lights up in front of my eyes, obliquely. Surrounded, I am, the blade almost on the neck. "LANA? !!!

- Grr ... you quickly recognized me.

- Well, at the same time, followers of the Force with a red saber who want my skin, I do not know thirty-six.

- What? Did you think about it before you found out ?!

- No, by your voice, I recognized you. So, failed discretion, if that's what you were looking for ...

- No, what I was looking for, it's your death, damn Jedi! "

With her blade on my neck, hard to draw to parry, so I try something, hoping she will have the instinct to survive before killing me. I throw myself backwards, backwards, with all my weight, on her. The power of my voluntary fall makes her fall too, and the best part is that Lana has dropped her sword in the heat of the moment! Its head hits the ground, with an unpleasant noise, then I crush it with my own mass. We find ourselves on the back, me on her. I stand up and steal his sword from the ground by Force. I turn around and look at my assailant: on the ground, she lowered her head to stare at me with a hateful gaze. "What are you waiting for to finish me off?

- Of arresting the Republicans, perhaps? I remind you that we have a ...

- Too bad for you! "It is then that Lana propels me back with an unsuspected power. My back hitting a full shelf, I let go of Lana's sword before collapsing to the ground. The warrior retrieves her sword with it. another wave of Force and rushes at me with a single leap. But something else is already crushing me: the archive shelf. Darth Lana then arrives standing, on the furniture fallen horizontally. "So? You play less smart, eh? You suck so bad that you don't even deserve to be a Sith! "As Lana criticizes me, I try to get up, but impossible: it's too heavy. A noise in the distance is heard, and I hear Lana let out a little cry of surprise before leaving immediately. I decide not to move, and listen to what is happening. Footsteps. Several individuals who seem to be looking for something. Finally, it moves away. ...

I wait a good ten minutes before Force propelling the huge shelf, so that it shatters on the ceiling. She hits a catwalk and, touching the cables, turns off the light.

The emergency lighting comes on, but sizzles. Little red lights flash, giving the place a perfectly gloomy appearance. A movement betrayed the presence of the one who wants my death: "Lana, you are there! I know that you are still in the room!" But she doesn't answer. On the other hand, I hear movements from all sides. She dashes from catwalk to catwalk, and the room is so big that it echoes from everywhere. Unable to locate it properly. "Very well, since you want to get down to business ... I'm going to make you regret wanting the death of an ally!" I then light my saber, and put myself in a defensive posture.

The rhythm of the jumps is accelerating. Lana is getting impatient, she's probably looking for a loophole in my defense. I turn around frequently to avoid a sneak attack, when I hear a wire rope give way. The catwalk descends in an arc, ready to nab me in the process. Pff ... pitiful, I can easily turn around and cut it before being hit ... SHIT THAT WAS HIS GOAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I turn around and see Darth Lana swooping down on me at breakneck speed. I wouldn't have time to parry the two attacks, so I use another solution: with a huge leap, I jump to the ceiling, and contemplate Lana's crash on the catwalk, both launched at full speed. speed. Attached to a cable, I throw my saber to extinguish the light that betrayed my presence, and extinguish my weapon. Lana gets up and growls with anger, mixed with pain: "I will have you, Phobias ... I will have you!

- If it is hatred that you seek, know that you will cry when you find it in me!

- Do not make me laugh ! You are no match for me!

- Indeed, I do not have a pair of protuberances that encumber me: it makes less weight. "On this reflection, Lana gives me a look of the most hateful, although she does not know exactly where to fix. Then she dashes into the shadows. "Lana, do you think you're darker than me? I am curious to see what you will do, in total darkness! "As I say this, I point my hand towards one of the flashing lights, and causes a short circuit. Being wired in series, this act plunges the room into absolute black.

I jump off the catwalk to land on one of the archive shelves. I walk trying to be as quiet as possible. To confuse, I light and throw my saber at the gateway cables. Except that I spin it around to make them all fall, and I drop it on the ground, five meters away from me. I perceive footsteps heading in that direction, and turn off my universal cutting tool from a distance, before spinning it up to my hand. The steps stop. Hey ? What if I sounded more stupid than I am? By Force, I manipulate my ODU and bring it down to human height, starting from the ground - and no longer from the radius, where I am - and click on the button. The light allows me to guide him, and I post him at a crossroads, slightly behind. Lana's footsteps advance, discreetly, but not imperceptible. At the same time, she's the only one making noise in the room ... Think about it ... How do you hit her without a lightsaber? She has her armor covering her completely, except the head. Ah? The head. Am I going to have to hit her here? Unless...

Lana finally arrives at the intersection, and hits at heart level ... but from where I would be if I had gone down! I do not give him time to react, I jump on him, feet forward, and him falls on the only place that his armor does not defend: his cleavage! With all my weight, I smash her to the ground, my head smashing against the metal, and her hands letting go of what she was holding. It will teach you to be seductive !!! By dint of putting on necklines even in armor, that makes you a weak point! I levitate the two red sabers so that they come into my hands, and slowly move above her. I hear him moan, as well as his blood flow. Standing above her, I position the two ODUs in scissors, around her neck, ready to behead her. The automatic door directly in front of me opens, and traces a rectangle of light on the ground, pointing to the scene as an assassination in action, but a shadow in a cloak hides the center. We both look at the door. A man in brown clothes stands in front of me, and a word escapes: "Master Léana?"

The man then realizes my position of strength, and in an instant stretches his arm vigorously in my direction, to project a wave of Force to me. This sends me to the other end of the room: that is to say at least two hundred meters further !! I take several shelves of archives, and I end up burst on the wall. I fall to the ground, and try somehow to stay conscious. Thanks to the Force, I listen to the words of the two who remained at the other end of the room.

The man has approached Lana, and begins to take care of her: "Léana, are you going to hold on? I am going to look for Master Tridifat to take care of you.

- Who is that ? she replies, surprised to see a Jedi help her, but in shock at the same time.

- That Sith must have slapped you hard on the head, I have a feeling ... But don't worry: I paid him off on this little shit. "Lana then sits up - because she's not so bad. hurt that the Jedi believes- and thought for a moment. I have a feeling that Lana is going to play the bitch with everyone. "It should be fine, I'll go see him later ... I don't have any more. my saber. Considering your power without it, would it be possible for me to borrow it from you, while I collect it from the filthy Sith who stole it from me?

- It is not by the Force that I am the best, far from it, answers the Jedi. But here, if you like. "And he hands her a double saber. Lana looks at him, crestfallen, then teams up." Do you mind if we verify the death of this Sith?

- Strangely, absolutely not. Let's go take a look at this under-shit. "And as the two walk in my direction, the Jedi wonders," Tell me, Master Léana, what were you doing on Dromund Kaas? " last lights the double saber to slice the Jedi. But the latter perceives the movement and the dodge. With a punch in the face, he stops Lana's impulses. Surprised, he takes the opportunity to retrieve his weapon, and tackle her to the ground with her foot. Again on the ground, Lana sees the green light fall on her: "You are as rotten as him, Sith!

- Are you talking about MY apprentices ??? !!!!!!"

The Jedi stops in his tracks, and looks at the one who said these words. But Tifa doesn't give him time to do more than that: a huge flash of Force leaps from his hand, and propels the poor Jedi away. It bounced twice before coming to a stop. He gets up quickly, and draws his green double saber. Tifa looks at him with an unbearable superior air, and the Jedi decides to join the shadows. Dark Tifa growls in the whole room: "If you touch one of my apprentices' hair, I'll CAR-GOOD-NISE !!!!" But, obviously, the threat is having enough effect.

Knocked up, I move in the direction of the two girls, and Tifa sees me: "Here! You look good, you!

- Thank you for your support...

- Master Tifa, what you told him ... is it true? Lana asks.

- He's a Jedi, moron. He is our enemy. So, any pretext is good to gut him.

- I think Lana's question was more: what if it wasn't? "My retort froze time. Lana realizes my understanding, but from behind, I don't denounce her. And Tifa, indisputable Sith witch, realizes well the ambiguity of the question. But finally, she answers us: “You will know it when the case arises.” And with a smile, she leads us to another room.

Slightly limping, it is felt in the two girls, who stop and look at me: "Well then?

- So I took a nasty blow, Master Tifa! Excuse me, but I'd rather make a little noise, and be alive, than the other way around.

- Yeah, but you had better take it better! If we are spotted, it will be your fault! Lana adds.

- You would have preferred that he did not intervene ?! I retort.

- Well ... uh ...

- Hush, children: there are people, lower. "Tifa orders us. With that, we progress more silently, and arrive on the metal catwalks of another room.

The latter is dark, and the lights are coming from the walkways, leaving the ceiling - and ourselves - in the dark. The furniture is in a much more complete mess: as if no one has ever put anything in there. Voices are raised a little further. We approach, stealthily, and come within hearing range. When we arrive, someone seems to be joining them. "There you are, Master Ascleyos.

- I have bad news, masters, warns Ascleyos. The Sith have spotted us. I've seen three of them, and they're probably stalking me around the building.

- You weren't followed, at least? asks a woman.

- No, Kala, he reassures. The Force allowed me to escape their gaze, to escape.

- Let's come back to the subject, calmly orders a large individual. The mass of information is too great, we cannot store it in a single holocron.

- That's why we decided to divide it into several parts, adds another man.

- Correct, resumes the mirror cabinet. As Trifidat said, we intended to separate the data. In addition, they will be encrypted. Finally, to avoid prosecution, and there will be, we will divide the burden among ourselves: there are ten of us, and each will have a holocron.

- Isn't the goal to hand this over to the council as quickly as possible? asks Ascleyos.

- Absolutely not, contests the big man. This would lead to the loss of data: the Empire's agents are everywhere, and by the time they get there, they would already be there, ready to steal this data from us.

- The question was, what are we going to do, then? another woman asks, visibly twi'lek.

- As master of secrecy, I think hiding this from us will be the best idea, right? proposes Ascleyos.

- But we have to analyze this data on Coruscant! insists a mirialan. This data is perhaps of the utmost importance!

“Do you prefer to get a sniper hole as soon as we step outside the ship?” Another woman retorts. That's when the discussion ignites, what to do. We take the opportunity to move forward and listen to it more closely. After five minutes, the tensions fall, because there is no way out. A Jedi breaks the silence that had been placed: "Only the voice of wisdom can get us out of here. "It was then that a huge individual, so high that he almost touched the metal bridges, stood in the center of the Jedi, and finally opened his mouth, he who had been silent:" We have to implement the planned plan. Thus minimizing the risks of being sued by politics, we must then avoid those who laugh at politics. Once we leave Dromund Kaas, we will each go to a different system, to slow down any pursuers. And to save time, each of us will decode our own data. The Force will guide us. "With these words of unimaginable power, all nod, and begin to manipulate artifacts.

Ascleyos then discusses with his neighbor: "Master Leana is here.

- Oh ? Do you want to stay and take care of it?

- We must not jeopardize our mission.

- Rooh, don't make me believe that! You have always been very close to the members of this group. You don't mean a word of what you say.

- Ascleyos, intervenes the big balèze, if you want to try something, you are free, as long as it does not jeopardize the mission.

- Good. "That's when I relate these words to the ones I heard earlier. The Jedi disperse, and we follow the catwalks out of here.

Once in the corridors, I turn to Lana - who notices my surprise immediately - and asks her: "Your name, it is not by chance Léana, before being Darth Lana?

- I don't answer that name anymore! she retorts.

- Where are you going, Phobias? asks Master Tifa.

- So if it's you ... Why did he name you Master Léana?

- Phobias, he's talking about another person, Tifa intervenes. Léana is not a unique name in the galaxy, you know ...

- But he called her like that earlier! Before you got there, when he saw us, that's the first thing he said.

- Hey, oh, calm down, paranoid, Lana swings at me. It's not the first time this has happened to me. "And they turn to keep moving." Not the first time?

- It's okay, you're not my father, Phobias, so stop watching my actions! Lana protests.

- And how come a Jedi recognizes you? And as a Jedi, besides? "This time, Lana stops." Didn't you even ask yourself that question the last time ?!

- Well no ... it's ...

- Phobias, Lana: we forget that, and we follow the Jedi, okay? Tifa tent.

- You don't care to know? This is how it bothered you more than anything else!

- Because you think maybe I know why he called her like that, Phobias ?? !! she retorts, seized with mounting anger.

- Yeah ... not wrong. "With that silence, Tifa resumes the quiet walk towards the door where the Jedi probably came out. I follow her, and easily sees Lana's face filled with questions.

We arrive at the entrance in question, left open. Tifa takes a quick glance and concludes that there is indeed no one there. We take the continuation of the corridor, which leads us very quickly to a staircase. A staircase going up, but much shorter than the one I took to go down. Once on the upper floor, we arrive in a maze of corridors. Trying to take the simplest route, we come to an elevator. "This is the one I took, Tifa warned us. And it's upstairs. Conclusion?

- They borrowed it, Lana answers.

- They are ahead of us, I say.

- Yes, well, we understand, Phobias ... come on, go! "We use it in our turn, to arrive in other shelves of archives. Tifa having taken this same path, she guides us without problem towards the loophole that allowed us to return. "Shouldn't we warn the authorities about the intrusion of ten Jedi in the capital?

"This is the best way to give the prestige of having killed them to the militia, Phobias," Tifa retorts.

- Uh ... yeah, but there are ten anyway.

- Pfff ... so there, you make me ashamed, girls! adds Tifa. Okay, you are apprentices, but you are MY apprentices! But I don't take fags, do I?

- Uh no. But a tarlouze, yes, adds Lana, pointing to me.

- You know that the tarlouze can kill you, you had direct proof of it, I'll call you back!

- Oh ? Phobias, did you almost kill her ?! Rââh ... I missed something there!

- No, Master Tifa, he ...

- I what, Lana? I point out to him.

- Tarlouze. "Lana finishes, when we finally get to the rubble. Time to climb, and we come to the square.

Ten Jedi, five men, and five women, ready to board their ship. This is the vision we all three expected. Except that it is not! The place is empty. Only debris from the explosion litter the ground. "Shit! Now that they're on the surface, they could have gone in any direction!" Tifa swears.

- They have to join a ship, if they want to leave here.

- What a brilliant conclusion! Lana quips. Not only is nothing preventing them from already being gone, but even if they weren't, if they were able to get in, these Jedi are surely good at mingling with the crowd. Go find them on Dromund Kaas! And to prevent them from leaving, we would have to search all the departing ships, then? You might as well put the planet in quarantine! She is really nice !

- They came in a vessel - which we did not follow immediately, but hey - they will surely take the same one. Still, it's not too late. "That's when Tifa turns her gaze in my direction, and notices my digging." What are you doing, Phobias?

- They won't be using the same ship.

- Well, hey! And where do you get her from? Lana adds.

"It's a ship piece," I said to them, pointing to a metal part with the republican symbol on it. However, as the traces prove, it exploded.

- What? But why would they have blown up their only way back ?! Lana asks.

"To blow up the perimeter wall, pass it off as a bombing, and while everyone searches the ministry, the Jedi get what they want," I confess.

- And so they have another way to leave, says Tifa.

- Another ship? He would have to get to Dromund Kaas, and by then we have time to beam the Jedi! concluded Lana.

- Unless he's already there, Darth Tifa adds.

- Has another ship arrived .. "that's when Lana realizes:" Damn! The freighter!

- But we searched him, it can't be him!

- No, Phobias, the explosion which drew us here took place while we were going to search ...

- THE SOUTH !!! Lana adds, cutting off her master.

- ALL AT THE BARRACK !!!! Tifa orders. And right away, we're running to catch up with the Jedi before it's too late.

A good distance away, the barracks saw its troops transformed into sausages, tied up by camouflaged Republican soldiers. The ten Jedi arrive and report to the captain: "We are leaving as quickly as possible.

- Very well, master. I have bad news though: the main gate was damaged when the Sith came, and we're still fixing it.

- Luck will never smile on us ... adds the immense Jedi.

- How long do we have to wait? asks the hut.

"I think a maximum of five minutes is a good estimate," said the captain.

- Very well, we will be patient, and if we can do something in the meantime, we will do it. "Adds Master Kala. Almost all come in and some help the Republican soldiers. Ascleyos sits on the bridge, to contemplate the landscape of Dromund. Kaas.

Although the weather is relatively cloudy, the view of the city is clear, and the horizon seems so distant ... Master Kala arrives behind his back and asks him: "You have something in mind.

- Yes, Kala. I feel ... like a presence in the Force, as well as a willingness to fight. Not you ?

- Maybe it's your fate. The Force knows when to separate, Ascleyos.

- I wonder if the three Sith that I crossed will follow the trail to this ship.

- YOU CAN SPEAK TO THE PRESENT, CRÉTIN !!!! " And Ascléyos takes the feet of Lana who threw herself on him screaming. I jump and land right in front of Jedi Master Kala, weapons drawn. Below, Ascleyos gets up and draws his double saber, ready to fight Darth Lana: "Well, I have new surprises every day. I finally understand the fate the Force has given me.

- Dying under my hand is not very glorious indeed, adds Lana. But that's perfect for a Jedi! "And as the duel begins downstairs, Kala throws me to the ground with a Force wave, and knocks me off the catwalk." Alert! To the Sith! "She shouts. And in less time than it takes to tell, Republican soldiers come out of the ship and surround us with Lana and Me, the last quarter of the circle being filled by the mere presence. Master Ascleyos. I then take the time to count the number of guns pointed at us: easily fifty. Ouch. "Uh, Lana, we're in trouble.

- Don't worry, we have a trump card up our sleeve, coward!

- Present ! Tifa answers, relaxed, coming out of her invisibility.

- What ?! But why are you breaking everything right now? What do we do now that you've joined us ?! "The soldiers are aiming at us, ready to fire. Master Ascleyos then proclaims:" Well tried, all three. But you're going to have to surrender, if you care a little bit about life ...

- What? You too ? Tifa asks. Rôôôh ... it's unbelievable that I am underestimated so much. "She then raises her arms in the direction of the soldiers, and throws a barrage of lightning which thunders down all the Republicans, with the exception of Ascleyos. "And There you go. I think it's you, who will have to surrender, dear Ascleyos, if I have listened correctly. "Tifa threatens. The latter sees his way to the ship blocked by the three Sith that we are.

It was then that the freighter's reactors ignited. The ship barely takes off, and Jedi Master Kala shouts at Ascleyos: "Come on, quick!

- The Force wanted me to stay here! You know why ! Leave without me, I'll take care of them and I'll go by another means! "Lana takes the opportunity to jump on him, but Ascleyos dodges and lets her catch up ten meters behind. The ship then takes off, the catwalk closing over Master Kala's face. Tifa thunders the ship in the hope of deactivating a system and preventing it from flying. But in vain. She then turns around and says to Ascleyos: "Well, my big one, you threw yourself in the mouth of the wolf. You don't hope to make it out alive, do you?

- It's not as if there is a threat: you are the only one who might give me a hard time. And even.

- He's mine, I'm going to kill him !!! Lana proclaims.

- You forgot me? I said to him, taking a fighting stance.

- Pff, it's not an incompetent like you who would risk scratching me! "He throws me. And while Lana jumps to slice him from behind, he surrounds himself in shadows and disappears on sight. . Lana goes through that black cloud, and bumps into me, knocking me to the ground. "Aahahahahah! You make me laugh, the Sith, you are pitiful! Ascelyos laughs as he returns to the light.

"I'll let you fend for yourself, and I will finish it if need be, girls," Tifa adds, sitting on top of a bound Sith militiaman.

- I stuffed it all alone! Lana proclaims.

- Let's check this out now "Ascleyos ends, finally positioning himself for the sword fight. Lana jumps directly at him, and the Jedi master parries the assault without difficulty. As the two attackers whirl around, I take advantage of a moment. of inattention to attack Ascleyos. He narrowly dodges, but finds himself between Lana and I. We then start hitting him at a frantic pace, but impossible to hit him. His double saber parades every blade. 'One moment our blows start to make his sword wobble. Confident, I continue to attack, until I notice that he was only holding his sword in one hand: his other hand was channeling the Force during this time. . And then Ascleyos discharges the accumulated energy, causing a wave which propels you to the ground. The Jedi gets up and fixes Tifa: "You wanted to stop me? It's your turn, I think.

- Oh no, they still have energy to spare, Tifa answers. And then, I haven't finished myself, so continue.

- Finished what? Ascleyos asks him, taken aback.

- To decipher that. "Answers Tifa, who holds an engraved pyramid. Ascleyos then looks in his coat, and notices that it is indeed his holocron." I will take it back to you immediately!

- Don't be so sure !! "Lana shouts, leaping at him, her lightsaber forward. He turns and grabs the blade with his bare hands, protected by an aura of Force. Lana being surprised by this feat. , he takes the opportunity to lift her and send her over him, on the other side of the landing zone. Sprawled on the ground, she begins to get up when a piece of building falls on her, sent by the Jedi master. "LANA !!!

- That's it, adds Ascleyos. And you who shouted her false name, didn't tell me that you cared about her?

- Damn Jedi ... you stand for happiness, Good, and all ... but in fact, you are like the Sith!

- No, big boy, it's just your hatred that blinds you. And someone like you will never join the bright side, seeing how your prejudices are.

- As if I wanted to be like you!

- Oh ... that's cute, continues Ascleyos. A Sith who screams at the death of his girlfriend who has just been crushed.

- She doesn't even interest me!

- Ah yes, there I confirm, anyway ... adds Tifa, who has quietly approached Lana.

- Well, you are not even able to appreciate it more? You're a shit to the end! "I decide not to answer orally: in my turn, I launch myself, my vibro-blade and my laser sword in the cross. Ascleyos parries by putting his saber at the crossing point of my blades. Then a wave of overpowered Force throws me to the ground for good. "Pfff, you're pitiful, you're worse than your girlfriend. I put you down even faster than she. Now, how about you give me that holocron back?

- Who ? Me ? Tifa retorts. Are you really hoping that I say yes?

- Do we ever know ?

- Well... NEVER !!" she cries, throwing a series of lightning in his face. But the green light from his weapon attracts them and makes them ineffective. "You've run into the wrong person, I'm afraid." Taken with a great anger, she then weaves electric arcs between her arms. These intensify visibly, and begin to fill the sky. "You'll be sorry you crossed paths with Darth Tifa, Ascleyos.

- If you only knew how scared I am, he quips.

- Take-THAT !!! " And she sends all this accumulated energy towards the Jedi, who just raises an arm. All the thunderbolts are found spread on either side of him, and Ascleyos remains standing, unscathed. "Nice attempt. It sure would have killed me, if I hadn't ... this !!! he said, showing what he was holding in his hand. It is an artifact of Force. It has accumulated the powers of dozens of followers, and its possessor can summon them to possess incredible power.

- Are you kidding me. Such power is not so easily attainable, and no Jedi can possess it!

- It is true, it is necessary that the souls in question give their powers.

- Ah. Well, I have nothing to fear, then, coming from a Jedi.

- Do you believe that? "So Ascleyos takes the time to perform the gestures to make a Force wave, and when it is summoned, its power exceeds estimates. The power is such that Tifa is propelled into the void, but she makes up for it as best she can when it comes. The block of the building that has fallen on Lana is also thrown, smashing the structure in the barracks, and falling off the plateau. Lana, lying in a crater caused by the damage of the fighting, suffered nothing , but contemplate the power in action. Once the wave has passed, Tifa slowly gets up, and sees the spectacle: they were prepared, those damn Jedi. And now we only have one on our back. "So ? Behold my power, Sith! You are no match for me! Not even any other on Dromund Kaas. Thanks to this unique artifact, the Force is with me, and much more powerful than in your hands!

- You swelling ... rage Tifa.

- You want to come and fight? By the time you arrive, I will propel you into the void behind you. "Proud of this situation, Ascleyos, launches a mass stasis. This affects Lana, weakened by the crushing, but Tifa, resists at first glance. Then takes out the artifact, and nothing prevents the Force barrier from blocking Tifa's movements. Ascleyos comes forward, but he hears my footsteps behind him. "Is that right? Are you still alive, the shit?

- Do you think I'm going to let myself down so easily?

- I'll be happy to relax you in melee, then! "He then draws lightsaber, and rushes at me. The blades clash, while Ascleyos feels my determination through my blows. He then strikes. at an increasing rate, and its power is increasing exponentially. "You are shit, Sith! Look how I control you! "He begins to gain the upper hand in the fight, and takes advantage of this situation to add:" Look how weak you are! You can never beat me! You couldn't save those who were with you, and now I'm going to kill you in front of their eyes!

- Never !!!

- Don't make me laugh! You are arguably the most pathetic Sith I have ever fought !!

See how the slightest of my punches add a scratch to your weak body !!!

Even among the Sith, I'm sure you're not worth a nail !!!!

But yes ! That's it ! You are an outcast to the core !!!!!

You are nothing !!!!!!


And on the last blow, he breaks my guard, and explodes my vibroblade. But he realizes what I have done: his artifact is on the ground and the point of my lightsaber is pointed at it.


But it's too late: I plant my weapon, and an explosion of unsuspected power erupts.

The explosion blew out the windows of the three remaining facades. Clouds of absolute darkness covered the sky. An overpowering aura invaded the surroundings. The few debris, as big as they were, flew away, and Tifa's stasis - although heavily damaged by her lightning - and Lana's were dissipated. The fog clears and in the center of the scene is a man standing, and another on the ground, panicked. Lana and Tifa witness the scene, with a strange impression, as if the one who had accompanied them had never revealed himself to them. Strangely, the Jedi master is wounded on all sides, while my body has not suffered. Like a celestial power, I stand, fixing Ascleyos to the ground, who loses all his means. The saber rises slowly, but inexorably, as the Jedi stammers: "You ... you ... no, don't listen to what I was saying! It's not ..." He then notices that he is not listened to. Raising the sword above my head, Ascleyos pisses himself on it, from the pain he feels coming: "Naaaaan! Please! Don't do that !!" But only silence answers him.

The fiery blade shoots out from the pommel, and then a scarlet lightning joins the sky and the saber. It is intensifying. Grows insane, to the point where the blade barely seems able to contain all this power, and this hatred. When finally the power reaches its paroxysm, Ascleyos, who has not been able to move since, loses all his speech, and only utters a final cry of distress, but which goes unnoticed, covered by the thunder of the blade, provoked by the incantation of Force. I strike the blade down on my enemy, and a second explosion occurs, in a deafening uproar so powerful it could be heard all over Dromund Kaas.

Once the fog has cleared again, the girls notice the damage, starting with the crack, which sliced ​​the very rock from where the platform is located, and left a trail that also cut the building opposite. A sound of a falling body is heard. But it's not that of the Jedi: Ascleyos' body has literally disintegrated, except for what he no longer had in his hand, which is his lightsaber. "I like it. it." Tifa adds, looking at the damage done by her apprentice. Lana then approaches the center of the explosion. Once next to the body, she lights her lightsaber. She raises her gun, but hesitates to shoot me. She then looks at her master, who smiles and asks him: "Do you want to kill him?" Lana takes the time to think, but is interrupted. I stand up suddenly, and strangle her by lifting her, with the force of my right arm. Lana lets go of her sword and tries to get rid of my hand, but can't do anything. "Phobias ?!" Darth Tifa asks me, surprised at this reaction from me. I then take the time to raise my head, and observe Lana's face, panicked. She then looks into the demonic eyes, and understands the power, hatred and tension that lies within. But as she feels the coming of her last hour, I put her down delicately, and loosen my grip. I put my sword away, grabbed Ascleyos's by Force, and handed him: "You want it?

- You don't want it? She admits to me, half surprised at my reaction.

- It's a double saber. I'm looking for a simple one, built by a real Jedi.

- Yet you deserve it, intervenes finally Tifa.

- It will not be useful to us, if I understood correctly: you each fight with simple sabers. But maybe we will do something with it later. "And with that, we follow Tifa heading for the Fury." Weren't we supposed to kill someone on Dromund Kaas, originally?

- Yes, Phobias, confirms Tifa. But he was one of the 10 Jedi. He must have been there before the ships arrived.

- So we killed two birds with one stone! Lana adds.

- We can say that ... "ends Master Tifa. We take the way back.

As Lana hurried over to the kolto vat, Tifa came to join me in my room during my meditation. "I started the ship. We are heading back to Korriban, Mr. Orrodia.

- What's in the holocron?

- Encrypted data. We need the key, and I wouldn't be surprised if one of the ten Jedi knew it, she adds. I bluffed Ascleyos during the fight, he only saw fire!

- So there are only nine Jedi left. What do we do ?

- Oh, I was thinking of making a request to continue the hunt. Until then, free time.

- Will you come back to see me for the mission?

- Exact. And Lana will come too: she has questions she said to me. "She gets up from my bed, and leaves with a smirk. I resume my meditation to listen to the vibrations of the ship.

Mmmhh, finally, I found a hell of an apprentice. No question of letting go, that one!

Eat a pair of Muoteck


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