SWTOR - The Ravagers: Coratanni / Ruugar) (Story)

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As the last boss of the operation pests you will have to face Coratanni and his pet: Pearl.

Description of the fight

The fight takes place in three phases and in two different rooms. Here are the characteristics of the boss:

  • Coratanni Hit Points : 1 days
  • Health points of Pearl : 1 days
  • Ruugar health points: 2 days
  • Fight time before enrage : Unknown.


Combat abilities

First, let's detail Coratanni's combat abilities:

  • Coratanni
  • Pearl
  • Ruugar

- Ricochet shot: Shoot at a random person who bounces and also hits the closest ally. Two and a half seconds of piping every 10 seconds. Coratanni turns back to the target at this moment.

- Suppressive fire: Cone attack every 15 seconds ahead of Coratanni. Lasts 3 seconds.

- Flaming Grenade: Flaming attack causing a debuff all over the raid, which can be removed with the blue circles. Potentially significant damage if debuff not dispelled.

- Grenade Corrosive : Debuff players and deal damage over time.

- Acid spit: Green cone directed towards the tank (or person with aggro).

- Frenzied Assault: Block its target on the ground and inflict medium / heavy damage on it (tank / other role)

- Poison : Direct damage to the acquired target.

- Grenade corrosive : Debuff landed on anyone in the area of ​​effect around Ruugar's target. Get cured.

- Projection : Throws his target far enough away from him. Accompanied by a jump on the latter quickly after if it does not change target.

- Mouse of death: Mice appear regularly and walk towards a random person before exploding. Significant damage.

- Mines : yellow then orange circles (when activated) that explode when you pass over them.

 - Slaughter : Spell identical to that of a sniper but with increased damage.

- Hostage taking : Leap on a person and reflect back all the damage Ruugar takes at them for the next few seconds.


 This debuff appears on tanks regularly. It is the cause of a switch after 2 or 3 successive accumulations.


Course of the fight

At the start of the fight, a tank picks up Pearl and drives him away from Coratanni. The latter will not move often but her pet is very mobile. The second tank takes care of Coratanni along with the dps. A heal is placed near the consoles at the back of the room (or a dps, as desired).


Phase 1

Coratanni regularly places a debuff on the whole party, the person assigned to the console clicks and everyone must head to the blue circles that appear to dispel this source of damage. Pearl often becomes immune to taunt and will randomly hit a few people other than the tank. Finally place the cones towards the outside of the raid so as not to multiply the damage. Spells that are not detailed do not require further reaction from you. In addition to the abilities of these bosses you will be entitled to yellow cones from the edge of the room as in the image below:

You will have to get out of it as quickly as possible or you will be thrown to the other end of the room by debris following the explosion of wall consoles.


Phase 2

Coratanni is phased (A little below 20% of her life she runs away), everyone passes on Perle and groups together to help with the area healing. The tanks use and abuse their provocations to keep Pearl as possible, which does not change its behavior in phase 1 except that its damage increases. We must kill Perle as quickly as possible.


Phase 3

Once you have killed Perle you will have to go to the right entrance of the room to click on a capsule that will take you to the second room. Here you will face Ruugar who betrayed you, after getting rid of 4 mercenaries without difficulty. One tank takes Ruugar and the second picks him up at 2 or 3 cumulative effects And so on. You will have to move regularly so as not to explode the mines that he puts under your feet. The dps and healers should stay away as much as possible and not regroup. The death mouse explode as area damage, so this distance from each other is meant to not take too much damage. Finally, Ruugar take a hostage regularly which will require a STOP DPS! (for a few seconds only).

Coratanni phases below 20% health and Ruugar phases below 9% health, leaving you the last drop available here.

Please note: Coratanni and Perle should be preferentially moved away from each other by the tanks to remove a buff of reduction/increase damage inflicted respectively à et by Pearl. With the strategy outlined above, this is not essential, but if you do, the work of your healers will be much easier.


Additional tips

The wizard's force barrier can cut the hostage taking of Ruugar.

If you don't survive Pearl's damage you can be resurrected after your party kills her (stealth resurrection or combat resurrection then non-combat resurrection for other members). If such a case is necessary, do not immediately click on the escape pod.



Loots are similar to story mode but level 198.

  • 1 Torso Token 192
  • 1 Object not included in set 192
  • 2 Exoniums
  • 4 Elite Awards


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