SWTOR - The State of the Czerka Corporation

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You have probably read, seen or heard the latest rumors about the Czerka corporation. It is not very very pretty but of course these are only rumors. Before your questions, as understandable as they are, get out of hand, Rasmus Blys clarifies things in a press release.

It is true that Czerka is going through a very difficult period. And it's also true that the Galactic Republic made a series of decisions in an attempt to take control of Czerka's assets, until a path to reorganization was identified and implemented.

Together, you and I transformed this moon, which was little more than a storage warehouse, and made it the cornerstone of Czerka's empire in research and development. The term CZ-198 now has a real meaning, and I will work to keep it that way.

What does this mean to you? Day to day, you just have to go to work as usual. As a special director, I take every step at my disposal to make sure you don't have to worry about the bigger picture. Your only concern should be the design and manufacture of premium quality products for premium consumers.

Expect to see some new faces in the coming weeks. They are not here to replace you. We need them to strengthen the team, with the goal of raising CZ-198 to new heights.

We are walking this formidable path together. We are Czerka's future. And nothing will stop us.

Special Director Rasmus Blys

Seen the turn it takes, it would not be surprising if this leads us to the famous main quest of the CZ-198.

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