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This is the surprise of patch 2.3. If we knew that they would appear in the future thanks to information from the Cantina Tour in San Diego, absolutely no announcement from the developers gave a date ... and yet here they are!

If you want to get your tauntaun mount, there are several options available to you, but in any case, you will need to go to Hoth. At the Aurek base on the Republic side, Dorn on the Empire side, you will find two new sellers: a seller of animal mounts and a seller for subscribers.

The Animal Mount Vendor is currently selling three items:

  • A "mountain tauntaun" item linked to heirloom for 20 "tauntaun domestication data".
  • "Tauntaun domestication data" for 100 credits each.
  • 500 credits each "tauntaun bait".

The Subscriber Vendor sells a single item: a "tundra tauntaun" linked to the inheritance for 15 "tauntaun domestication data".

From there, two possibilities are available to you:

  • directly buy domestication data then tauntaun. This will allow you to directly obtain the mount for 1.5 or 2 million credits depending on the one you choose.
  • go on a hunt for this domestication data without purchasing it directly. To do this, you will need to buy bait, lots of bait, and go hunting in the freezing cold of Hoth.

Let's take a closer look at the description of the baits:

The path to follow is clear: find tauntaun nests containing toutauns, then use the bait on them in the hope of attracting a protective tauntaun. It will then be necessary to help this one to fight a predator, and on the corpse of this one you will find the invaluable data of domestication.

Where it gets a bit tricky is that you have to find the nests. These are in locations that appear to be fixed:

  • -2486, -1381
  • - 3480, -123
  • -2839, -123
  • -2281, 219
  • -1685, 927
  • -2766, 1567


According to Leny-Dark, here is the route to quickly walk around the nests without ever retracing his steps.

First, she takes a cab to Cresh Outpost. She climbs slightly to the north and quickly finds the 1st nest. Next, she uses her fast travel to the Jagged Plains Republic Outpost, located near the World Boss Gargath area. Going to the right of the map, she goes to the second nest. Then she goes back to the left edge of her map to reach the third nest, located near the climb that leads to the Republic depot of deviant passes. Once this is done, she takes the climb and heads for the small mountain that faces the outpost mentioned above. Behind is the 4th nest. Then begins a long journey to the Icefall Plains area and, to do so, it passes just above an imperial outpost before cutting diagonally towards the 5th and penultimate nest. Once done, she climbs slightly to the right of her map towards the Crest of the frozen peak and reaches the 6th nest.

Once finished, not being able to take her quick trip (30 minutes of CD for me) in order to go back up to the 1st nest and start again, she jumps off the cliff just behind the 6th nest. Once dead on the ground, she uses the return to the medical center. The latter makes her return to the taxi from the depot of the Republic of deviant passes. From there, she takes the taxi to Cresh and begins her walk again as soon as her little puppies agree to eat bait again!

In picture, the journey gives this:

Do not hesitate to use your macroscope to locate them, they appear on them:

Once the nest has been found, it will be necessary to appeal to luck. So in the nest there are some toutauns and you have to use the bait on them. Except that the chances of this coming from a protective tauntaun are slim (apparently around 20%) and once a puppy is fed you cannot give it bait for a while (between 20 and 25 minutes). ):

If you are lucky (which I am not at the time of writing this guide) the bait will work and you will have to fight a wampa which you will then find the data on. You just have to repeat the operation long enough and you will have your tauntaun for (maybe) cheap!


Here are some more images of tauntauns in preview mode. Feel free to share your screenshots and videos if you have purchased this mount!

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