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With early access just around the corner, I thought it might be nice to summarize here a list of tips and tricks collected during the beta. I suspect most of them will still be in operation after the official launch.

These little amenities ^^ are the kind of info you won't find in the game manual, or even in the tutorial. I hope you find them useful when you first set foot on one of the planets in the Galaxy ...

So, in no particular order, here they are:

    • You can reset interface, in case of bug or error, by holding down the CTRL key and pressing the U key twice.
    • To display a title in front of your character's name, press C and click your character's name.
    • Press CTRL-SHIFT-F (set) to display the frame rate at the bottom left of the game window. This shows both the current frequency as well as the average frequency of the session.
    • If you are in the middle of a conversation and you want to restart it, press ESC.
    • To skip the dialogues faster (without reading them), press the space bar.
    • Right-clicking on your companion's window will allow you to dismiss or make him sell low value items (Grey).
    • Companion abilities are managed by AI by default. You can take control by deactivating the green check mark that appears on these abilities in the companion bar and by activating them yourself when necessary.
    • Equipment wears out even in fights and drops, not just when your character dies. Don't forget to repair regularly.
    • You can move your camera back much further than normal if you hold down the CTRL key while zooming out with the mouse wheel. Keeping the CTRL button pressed when you move the mouse to look around (with the left button) will also allow you to move the camera up or down. More simply, you can also increase the maximum distance of the camera in the preferences of the game.
    • Be sure to check out the return terminals from every camp you visit. When using your Fast Travel ability (aka TP, Hearthstone, etc.), you'll have a choice of where to return to if you've found more than one, not just the most recent.
    • If you find yourself stuck in a setting, type / stuck to free yourself.
    • To add a chat window, change the text color, size, etc., and right-click on the general window.
    • You can display a equipment comparison window for you or your companion by activating it in the game options.
    • You will get better group window by activating the Operations window at all times. You can also resize or move it to your liking on the screen and thus better see the life bars of your teammates (healer inside!). Go to Options> User Interface> Operation Frames> Use Operation Frames as Group Frames.
    • You can have two targets at the same time! Assign a target "focus" by activating this option with Options> Controls> Enable Focus Target. By default, then, you can assign a focus to any enemy with the shortcut ALT-F: target someone, press ALT-F and you will see a new window (the focus) appear. You will then be able to use any ability on that focus without untargeting your primary target simply by holding the focus shortcut (END / END by default) while you activate your ability.
    • When you crave, be sure to retrieve the components on items you craft but won't use; it will also give you chances to get rare blueprints (this is the only way for some). Scavenging on normal items gives chances for blue blueprints, and picking up blue items gives chances for purple level blueprints.

Hotkeys provide a "self" option as the target for launching abilities. If you press this key at the same time as the concerned ability, it will allow you to throw on yourself without needing to target your current target.

You can reset any quest without throwing it away or needing to come back to see the NPC who gave it to you (use if the quest bug or if you threw a valuable quest item). To do this, open the quest in the quest log and click the reset button. If you are in a quest instance, exit first then click the reset button. Sometimes this action will reset an entire questline.

You can ask your companions to craft 5 items one after the other. As crafting also takes place when you are not logged in, consider launching tailoring sessions to your companions before leaving the game ^^

Always quit the game in a Cantina or in your spaceship: this gives a experience bonus for the next time.

You will find at the bottom left of the mini-map a tool to check your latency. If it turns red, be prepared for a disconnection.

    • If you are missing some credits, participate in War Zones for a while: generally, it is very profitable.
    • If you are missing some experience points, also participate in War Zones: the XP gain is generally good and you will also take the opportunity to acquire valuable points.
    • When you choose your advanced class After level 10, your trainer then presents you with both the abilities for your general class as well as those for the advanced class. You will find the two corresponding tabs at the bottom of the dialog window.
    • Read the Codex to learn more about your companions. They will reveal to you which gifts to do them (to increase the points of affection), which professions give them bonuses, and which weapons and armor they prefer.
    • You can remove from your weapons and armor modifications that you brought to them at minimal cost. If you don't remove them before replacing them, the new ones will overwrite them and they will be lost forever.
NOTES: since I have not yet had access to the game in spanish, some elements have been translated with words that will not be those chosen by the developers at the release of the finalized game, others have not at all been translated for the sake of common sense. Have a good game ^^


(Original post translated from English, courtesy of the author)

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