The Division - Little agent's guide: progression

Cleaning the streets of New York takes a lot of know-how, and to face the increasingly perilous dangers, a good agent is able to evolve and gain in power. At his disposal, several means to become a real killing machine.



A classic in MMOs, the equipment plays an important part in the evolution of the agent because it is he who will determine his power and resistance. We will distinguish two types of equipment:

  • Arms
  • Material

An agent without a weapon, as much to say that it is a nice doe in the plains while the hunt is on! To defend himself, the agent must be able to count on efficient and adapted weapons.

We will find several types of weapon, which will allow everyone to play as they see fit. Me personally, I am a stash, I appreciate the sniper rifle!

  • Assault rifle
  • Submachine gun
  • Light machine gun
  • Sniper rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Gun

Weapons that can be customized by picking up and applying mods to them:

  • Skin
  • Viewfinder: holographic viewfinder, telescope, etc.
  • Magazine: reduced reload time, magazine size, rate of fire, etc.
  • Under barrel: laser pointer improving precision, etc.
  • Mouth: damage increasing cannon, silent

Some weapons also have "talents", giving specific bonuses.

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It is possible to check the power of weapons according to several criteria, visible on the weapon sheet:

  • DGT : the damage the weapon inflicts
  • BPM : "Bullets per minute", the rate of fire
  • Magazine : the number of bullets the loader has

Other criteria, in the form of bars, allow us to gauge our weapon even more:

  • Precision : the higher this value, the more stable the aiming reticle remains (when you shoot in a burst, the reticle gets bigger)
  • reload time : the time taken to reload the weapon
  • Range : maximum distance where the weapon is no longer effective
  • Recoil : this concerns the control of the weapon. During burst shots in particular, you will see the weapon become less controllable (the sight gets carried away and goes up)

The mods applied will make it possible to modify these criteria and thus adapt the weapon to certain situations.

It is also possible to compare two weapons with the G key, to see at once the strengths and weaknesses of each.

The material relates to the six pieces of equipment available:

  • Armor
  • Goggles
  • Kneepads
  • Backpack
  • Gloves
  • Holsters

Each piece of equipment will give a bonus armor first, making it possible to resist enemy assaults. They also benefit from possible bonuses in three different primary statistics:

  • Firearms: increases weapon damage
  • Endurance: increases health
  • Electronic devices: increases the power of skills (which we will see shortly after)

In addition to these stat bonuses, these coins can grant more precise bonuses, such as for example more XP on elimination, more power for certain skills, excavation (allowing to find more objects of better quality).

As for the weapons, it is also possible to improve the material with mods (but different mods of the weapons, of course!).

To learn more

On the character sheet (accessible from the inventory), it is possible to see the complete list of bonuses received or not by the equipment.

This sheet also allows you to see at a glance the distribution and amount of primary statistics (Firearms, Stamina and Electronic components), the overall experience level and that of the Dark Zone.


The capacities

During the progression in the story comes the moment when you unlock the Base of Operations, a place accessible only to you (you will not meet other players there) and which you will be able to develop, allowing you to unlock Very interesting abilities and bonuses!

There are three distinct wings in the Base:

  • Medical Wing
  • Technical Wing
  • Safety Wing

Some missions will allow you to earn Supply points for each of these wings, allowing you to improve them.

Each wing has a laptop, from which you can unlock the upgrades you want, depending on the points at your disposal. Each improvement will give access to certain bonuses, whether it is Abilities, special sellers, improving the filter (allowing access to even more dangerous contaminated areas), etc ... For more information, you can find our guide on the Base of Operations.

  • skills
  • Talents
  • Bonus

Skills can be activated by the player and are unlocked by wing upgrades. There are 9 in total, it is possible to equip a maximum of two.

Although there is no such thing as a Holy Trinity in the game (Tank, DPS and Healer), archetypes emerge with these skills, according to three trees based on the Base's wings:

  • Medical (Healer)
    • Pulse: Detects enemies and allies through walls
    • First Aid: Heals allies at once
    • Support Station: Heals allies over time and revives
  • Technique (DPS)
    • Sticky Bomb: Launches a sticky bomb in the target area, triggered remotely
    • Turret: places a turret on the target area, attacking enemies
    • Remote Mine: Launches a mobile mine that chases enemies to explode on them
  • Safe (Tank)
    • Riot Shield: Absorbs damage
    • Smart Shelter: Increases caster damage and reduces damage received from allies
    • Mobile protection: creates protection on a person

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As you unlock the wings, you will also unlock mods for the skills. These mods allow you to further customize each skill.

The Turret, for example, can evolve in three different ways:

  • it deals more damage and targets attacked are visible to allies
  • she throws flames
  • she sends out electric darts that knock out targets

Each skill also has a "Master" mod, obtained when all the upgrades of a wing have been unlocked and still giving an additional bonus (which is in addition to the previous mod activated). For example, the Turret explodes when manually deactivated, causing damage to nearby enemies.

Unique Skills

There are also Unique Skills (activated via the T key by default), which are unlocked with certain wing upgrades (those that cost 1000 points):

However, these Unique Skills cannot be modded.

Talents are also bonuses unlocked with Wings upgrades, but they are passive. It is only possible to activate a maximum of 4 at a time (slot unlocked at levels 15, 25 and 30).

Again, they are grouped according to the Wings, defining a specific archetype.

  • Medical (Healer): increased damage resistance, mass healing with a heal kit, increased movement speed, etc.
  • Technique (DPS): faster ammo recharge, increased skill duration, increased damage, etc.
  • Security (Tank): damage reduction, increased accuracy, ammo reloading, etc.

Bonuses give permanent bonuses (!):

  • increase in XP received, credits earned,
  • increased inventory of care kit, grenades
  • unlocking of certain features in the Base: special merchants, shooting range, etc.

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