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After a first article on the nerf of the healer sorcerer inquisitor in 1.2, I was able to test these changes and the slight modifications made by Bioware, here are my conclusions.

I will not come back in this article on force regeneration that I had also explained to you here and which, as I explained in the first article on 1.2, will no longer respond too much to the well-oiled mechanics of the sorcerer or of the learned healer we know today. Bioware finds that this makes the Inquisitor "cheated", it is his right and no offense to some, it is partly true. In my opinion, it was necessary to review the care and especially the regeneration, not necessarily in the way currently in place, but Bioware may not have found a better solution while waiting for a more sympathetic system. The first proposal to put an end to this "cheated" regeneration, the outright deletion of the process has aroused many reactions but since an addition has been made and recently I was also able to test this on the PTS and I will do it for you. share my point of view.

In addition and in the absence of editors who can bring the Republican point of view, I also decided to broaden this point of view in this article but also in the following ones (which will make a final 1.2 global point i.e. when this update will be exit) to the consular scholar healer which therefore begins logically with a small explanatory lexicon.

Spells and buffs useful for the sorcerer or the scholar

Krholam made an excellent post on the consular part of the official forum. It may be useful to consult it. The list below contains the lists of my previous articles on the sorcerer inquisitor adapted to 1.2 and with the addition in brackets of the equivalent Consular Scholar

Useful spells of the healer:

  • Resurgence (New Youth) : instant heal + hot + bonus effect + increased armor

Instantly heal (6sec of cd) a target of "X points + hot" X "points for 9 seconds for 27 strength (15 seconds via talents). Allows the application of the Force Fold (Surrender) and the increase of the armor index by 20% (with the associated talents of course)

  • Dark Healing (Benevolence): quick little treatment

Heals a friendly target over 1.5 sec of casting for a moderate amount of health for 32 strength. In 1.2 casting this spell will have a 60% chance to crit more if it is cast under force fold buff (assignment)

  • Dark Infusion (Deliverance): big care long to throw

The Sorcerer's biggest heal, cast over 3 sec (2.4 sec via talent). Restores a very significant amount of health for 50 strength. Cast under Fold of Strength buff (assignment) this spell has its cost reduced by 30%

  • Innervation (Healing Trance): a heal + a channeled hot + force surge buff (shine) if critical

Heals the target for "X" points instantly + hot channeled "X" points per second for 3 seconds at a cost of 36 force (9 sec cd). If a tick from this critical spell applies the Surge of Force (Resplendent) buff which allows 1.2 to consume (noble sacrifice) without applying a debuff that decreases force regen by 25%.

  • Revivification (Hi)  : treatment in the area

Heals all allies (up to 8 max at 1.2) within a radius of 8 meters around the target (this greatly exceeds the circle displayed on the ground). Targets that remain in the area recover X points per tick for 10 seconds (15 sec of cd).

  • Static barrier (force armor): bubble to place on you, on an ally whether he is a PC or a companion

This shield allows you to absorb a fair amount of damage before breaking at a cost of 32 force. It has a 4.5 sec cooldown (3 sec via talent) but places a debuff on the target that prevents it from being reset for 20sec. It is important to refresh it as soon as the debuff goes away but you can also place it on allies if you have the time and the means in Force. Set bonuses from armor sets improve this shield.

  • Purge (restoration): remove debuffs

This spell removes 2 harmful effects on a friendly target or on yourself of course for a cost of 14 force (4.5 sec cd). Poor healing and the dispell of negative physical effects are added via talent.

  • Consumption (Noble sacrifice): force regeneration

Consumes 15% of your maximum health in exchange for 8% of your maximum Strength (-4% with the Dark Resilience talent required in 1.2). With each use, your Force regeneration decreases by 25% for 10s unless you have the force surge buff. This debuff stacks up to 4 times (-100% strength regen).

Useful healer buffs:

  •  Force fold (Assignment): kisscool effect prerequisite

Applied to you via resurgence (new youth) this buff gives a kisscool effect to the next healing spell cast among the following 4:

Dark Healing (Benevolence):  Critical Hit Chance + 60% (which means that it will crit all the time)

Dark Infusion (Deliverance): cost reduced by 30%

Innervation (healing trance): critical strike chance + 25%

Revivification (Hi): force cost reduced by 25%

  • Surge of Force (Resplendent): 

Applied via a innervation (healing trance) criticism on at least one tic, allows to make a consumption (noble sacrifice) without applying a debuff decreasing Force regeneration by 25%.


1.2 changes on paper

of the Sorcerer Inquisitor specializing in corruption

    • The Force Fold buff can no longer be unintentionally applied to more than one healing ability. Its effects have been slightly revised. Force Fold now increases the critical strike chance on Dark Heal by 60% and reduces the Force cost of Dark Infusion by 30%.
    • Conspiratorial Force is now properly refreshed when Affliction is refreshed.
    • Fade now requires Effective Currents instead of Dark Resilience.
    • Force Surge no longer removes the life cost of Consume.
    • The Revivification tooltip now correctly lists the maximum number of targets hit as 8. The ability's mode of operation has not changed.
    • Fixed a display issue that caused Revivification's first and second effect to appear on top of each other.
    • Edit 28/03: Dark Resilience now reduces health spent per Consume by 2% per point (previously 1% per point).

of the Consular Erudit specialized in protection

    • Confusion is now properly refreshed when Weakened Mind is refreshed.
    • The Abandonment buff can no longer be unintentionally applied to more than one healing ability. Its effects have been slightly revised. Surrender now increases the critical strike chance on Benevolence by 60% and reduces the Force of Rescue cost by 30%.
    • Issue now requires Preservation instead of Valor.
    • Resplendent no longer removes the cost of life from Noble Sacrifice.
    • Salvation's tooltip now correctly lists the maximum number of targets hit as 8. The ability's mode of operation has not changed.
    • Fixed a display issue that caused Salvation's first and second heals to appear on top of each other.
    • Edit of 28/03: Valor now reduces the health spent by Noble Sacrifice by 2% per point (previously 1% per point).


If you want an in-depth analysis and some suggested solutions go read the previous article here first which spelled it all out. But basically what you need to know is: 

negative points :

  • Our big care (Dark Infusion / Deliverance) Can no longer be cast quickly which will severely limit our survivability in PVP as well as to a lesser extent our responsiveness to save someone in PVE
  • Our main force regeneration solution (see article here) should be reviewed because in 1.2 we will automatically lose life on a consumption (Noble sacrifice)even if we applied the buff Surge of Force (Resplendent). 

good points :

  • Our big care (Dark Infusion / Deliverance) will cost less (-30%) under buff Force fold (Assignment), which is not negligible in PVE and makes this spell very effective with a very positive strength / healing ratio.
  • Our little care (Dark Healing / Benevolence) will be more powerful under buff Force fold (Assignment) because it will automatically be critical.
  • Up of talent Dark Resilience (Valor) whose effect is doubled from 2% to 4% reduction in life points spent by consumption (Noble sacrifice). 

And in real life on the PTS what does it look like?

Having had the opportunity to copy my character 50 on the PTS, I was able to test the modifications in questions. I first reviewed my talent points (these are reset in 1.2 so it was easy).

Here is the template I used for my inquisitor:

and its scholarly Consular equivalent

So I put 2 points in Dark Resilience (Valor) which increases from 15% to 11% the life points spent by consumption (Noble sacrifice) which is really not negligible. Previously this talent was not essential, it is much more now and allows in real condition to recover full life simply by slamming on yourself a Resurgence (New Youth).

Moreover if the Resurgence (New Youth) critical, it almost compensates (with your normal health regen) for the loss of 2 consumptions (Noble sacrifice). So, in fact, you won't be able to regen really for free. However, it will be necessary to continue to make consumptions (Noble sacrifice) under buff Surge of Force (Resplendent) because despite all this will still have the effect of not hampering your normal regeneration of strength.

The interest of using a Resurgence (New Youth) is multiple. First, it's an instant spell so you apply it to yourself and then move on very quickly to something else (like healing other raid members for example). Then it applies the buff to you Force fold (Assignment) which can also be used on another spell applied to you (if you are in the regeneration phase with several applications of consumption / noble sacrifice) or on another person. The only downside is that it no longer applies the 20% armor buff to the tank if you used to place it on the tank like I did.

However the effect of Resurgence (New Youth) having a duration of 15 sec via talents and its cd being only 6 sec it will simply be necessary to make a rotation of application between you and the tank once in 2. The ideal cycle of heal of a duration of approximately 15 sec could then be this:

Sorcerer Inquisitor version

Resurgence on the tank> Dark Infusion / Dark Heal> Innervation> Consumption> Resurgence on self> Dark Infusion / Dark Heal> Innervation> Resurgence on the tank

Consular Erudite version

New Youth on the Tank> Deliverance / Benevolence> Healing Trance> Noble Sacrifice> New Youth on Self> Deliverance / Benevolence> Healing Trance> New Youth on the Tank

The choice between Dark Healing (Benevolence) et Dark Infusion (Deliverance) is depending on the urgency of the situation but will necessarily benefit from the kisscool effect of Resurgence (New Youth). We can largely do without this effect to place a sequence of Innervation (Healing Trance) which will see almost at least one of its tics criticize if you have more than 35% of criticism (which should be the case with your end-of-level T1 stuff). The Consumption (Noble sacrifice) which follows should therefore not apply a debuff and will ensure continuous regeneration.

To conclude, finally, I changed my mind a lot compared to my first point on the changes of 1.2 and this logical nerve of our regen is ultimately not so important. If we change our gameplay a bit (which in fact will be more demanding than before) we should be able to heal under the same conditions in PvE anyway. In PvP, it will surely be necessary to wait for the comparison on the field of battlefields to be certain whether the modifications of Bioware were justified or not.

I hope this analysis has enlightened you and that you will not turn away from the light or dark side of the heal in the force in 1.2 ...

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