SWTOR - Togrutas: Personalization

That's it, the Togrutas have finally arrived, to the delight of some. After you've shelled out a few Cartel Coins to see what these funny critters look like, here's a look at this race, its various characteristics, and various customizations.


Identity record

Name: Togrutas

Cost : 600 Cartel Coins

Particular signs : Cranial tentacles called "montrals" for the two forming points upwards and presence of three tentacles downwards (one on each side of the neck in front, and a central one in the back). Colorful patterns varying from one individual to another, on the face and tentacles.

In-game description: "A tribal species native to an ancient planet, the Togrutas are characterized primarily by their colorful montrals and distinctive facial patterns."

Social power: Tribal Narration - Tells a traditional Togruta story.

Particularities in play: All head equipment is automatically hidden.

Specific male / female differentiation: In addition to the classic humanoid differences, it can be observed that the upper tips (montrals) of the male are larger and more set apart.


Customization Options

There are a total of 8 different types of options to customize. Of course, there is the body type, from 1 to 4, classic, as well as the shape of the face (like humans), we also have the color of the eyes and the skin. The peculiarities are at the level of the montrals (the patterns above and not the shape unfortunately), the color of the patterns of these, the patterns of the face and the jewels present on the montrals. So let's see these options in detail.


Classic options

We have :

  • 4 possible body types
  • 17 possible heads
  • 8 eye colors (green, yellow, brown, blue, ... classic)
  • 19 skin tones with lots of subtle shade variations which is nice (see animated image below with available skin tones).



First option specific to togrutas. Technically, there are 7 possible options here, however there are only two different styles of jewelry (plus the absence of jewelry), each piece being offered in 3 different metal colors to arrive at seven options.

The three styles of jewelry

The three colors of jewelry

Note that the jewelry continues towards the back of the head and that one of the two is slightly different for men.

Here is an animated image presenting the 7 jewels.


Face pattern

The white pattern present on the face is quite varied with 10 possible options. These patterns are the same for males and females. We note that the pattern of Shaak Ti is number 2 while that of Ahsoka Tano is number 6 (for those interested!). Here is a small (random) sample of the possibilities.

And here are animated images presenting all the possible patterns, on female and on male.



Now let's move on to the "Montrals" option. Unfortunately, we cannot play on the size of the montrals or their shape (for different ages for example). This option is only used to change the pattern present on the montrals / tentacles and gives us a choice of 12 different patterns. Some are very nice, don't forget to take a look at what the patterns on the third tentacle on the back look like. Note that the patterns are the same for males and females or almost, given the slightly different shape of their cranial tentacles. Small (random) selection of patterns.

Here are some animated images showing all montrals designs, female and male.

As well as from the back (female):


Color of montrals patterns

Finally, the last customization option that offers us 19 possibilities, the colors of the patterns on the montrals. The 19 colors are the same as the skin, and besides, the numbers match which can be handy to easily match the color! By playing on the two colors, we have the possibility, I think, of doing very, very ugly things! Fortunately, by choosing the possible color variations and considering the colors offered, we can also make various harmonious combinations! Small (random) selection of colors.

And here is an animated image showing the various colors available.


Social power of the togrutas

Once a character has been created and the game launched, we can admire our togruta. Especially with poorly dressed clothes to see what it looks like and ... well, depending on the pattern and the color of the montrals, the uniform colored skin can sometimes be a little weird.

It is also and above all an opportunity to test social power "Tribal narration"which is my very sympathetic faith. A campfire appears and your togruta starts to make gestures while speaking (no audio on the other hand, only a video animation), telling a story during all the duration of channeling which is of 600 seconds! Small photos:

And here's an animated image showing the power in action.


The latest test!

Okay, going through each option one by one is good, but we're not going to make all the possible combinations like that, the magic of the "random" button will allow us to get an idea. Here are some random portrait images, as well as two animated gifs with 19 random faces each, togrutas females for one, togrutas males for the other. If a face appeals to you in particular, do not hesitate to send me a private message telling me which one precisely so that I can give you the numbers of the options that give that face.


For my part, I find that this breed has a good potential for customization, very appreciable, apart from the fairly limited jewelry options. If for the moment I have no idea of ​​a particular togruta character, I must say that I like the breed because of its diversity.

And you, seduced by this presentation or not?

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