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Micuthana, along with his Sith warrior Barrul on Mantle of the force, became passionate about affection with mate and he had fun making sure that his affection improved through responses during chats. Ideally, he would want to do it for all the characters, but since it takes a long time to do, he made it his first objective to do the first part before taking the ship.

He started with the Sith warrior (with the goal of seeing love born between his avatar and his ex-slave). Here's the result.

Some comments (possible spoiler)

  1. I have optimized affection without trying to choose a bright or dark camp. However, it is clear that for the moment Vette is rather bright side.
  2. there can be errors in particular on the dialogues after the choice between shadow and light. The quest and therefore the dialogues may be modified afterwards.
  3. I didn't do all the H2 or H4 quests so I only have the beginning quest dialogue.
  4. If you want to be a shadow, in some cases, it is better to send Vette out for a walk during the dialogue.
  5. The dialogues that count start once Vette is with you on Korriban so if you want to be obscure, any electrocution when you pick her up in the prison does not remove affection.
  6. I tried to classify the quests in the logical order, that is to say to put the side quests when we cross them, well roughly.
  7. If a quest / dialogue is missing, it means that she / he is uninteresting in terms of affection.


1,2, 3 or XNUMX number of the answer to be made, X choose the answer you want.
lum = light, omb = shadow and in brackets Vette's emotional gain or loss during THIS choice (and not the full conversation).


And to conclude: affection score at the end of Dromund Kass, once the dialogue with the holoterminal is over: around 2500! Not bad is not it ? (and 1800 light side). The continuation very soon for other classes.

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