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Voss is a planet that raises more questions than it answers. It was first believed that the rocky plateaus, pristine peaks and verdant forests of this planet discovered accidentally shortly after the Treaty of Coruscant were only inhabited by the Gormaks, an extremely hostile native species, expert in technology, but whose origin predates the first trips in space. When the much smaller second species of Voss first emerged, the galaxy was in turmoil and the war was about to begin again.

Mainly isolated on a high peak and surrounded by millions of enemies, the natives other than the Gormaks have chosen to be called after their world: the Voss. Confronting an unrelenting enemy in an impossible war who sees them as a breach of the natural order, the Voss have somehow survived centuries of Gormak attacks thanks to the strict training of their commandos, location and forces. fortifications of their mountain town and the infallible advice of the Voss Mystics.

Voss Mystics are Force users with exceptional power. The Sith and Jedi agree on this point, unlike the Voss. The latter know nothing about the Force and do not care about the opinion of foreigners. The Mystics have visions that are always verified. When the Sith Empire attempted to conquer Voss, the Republic wanted to defend this planet, but the Mystics had predicted both of these plans and the episode ended in the demise of a fleet and the humiliation of an Empire. Two powerful powers then peacefully came upon Voss to curry favor with him.

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Failed Imperial Conquest, Now Both Sides Clash To Forge An Alliance

Forests, mountains, plateaus

Sith and Jedi ruins indicate ancient contact

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