SWTOR - We're not bullies!


We're not bullies.

So yes of course, we walk around the galaxy equipped with armor and armed with sabers, pistols or cannons. We enter strange places, spaceships, underground complexes inhabited by distorted creatures or aggressive soldiers, we force our way with great punches, Force or beam in the bodies of our enemies to join I do not know what a goal but, no, really, we are not bullies.

The proof ?

First of all, we don't like to be alone. A bit like big children we seek the company of our fellows, we clump together as if to gain confidence, we invite people we meet in leveling to share our discoveries and like a pack of hungry wolves we always come forward in solidarity and organized to defeat the bosses of the Litigation and Operations Areas. We would not go alone, eh: we are not bullies!

Then, we don't like to be invisible. Whatever we do, whatever we say we like to be seen, heard and understood. We are not the type to rush headlong into a goal without worrying about the people around us: we talk to them, we consult them and we try to rally them to our point of view when necessary. There is no question of attracting a group of overexcited mobs to oneself and then leaving them to the care of inattentive walkers. We discuss, what, we communicate clearly. We're not bullies!

Finally, our first value is respect. We respect everything: the others, the equipment, the places, the loots, the drops, the jumpers, the CCs, everything, absolutely everything, we have understood how and why all this is important so it's in our genes, we respect. Impossible to rush on a boss without warning leaving the tank behind the task of recovering it later. Impossible to hit mobs without taking care of those who hit us, without looking under our feet and without doing what is necessary to avoid damage when possible. Impossible to impose a sustained rhythm on a slow group, impossible to hang around back to pick up a fragment of artifact lost when the buddies are fighting right next to it. Impossible, we respect each other, we are not bullies!

So it's true that we are scary with our scars, our protruding muscles, our shoulder straps full of cartridges and our dry knives impeccably stored on our boots. It is true that it is not easy to understand each other and that some have quickly confused our adventurous lifestyle and that of licensed sociopaths. But it only takes a little attention to realize that we are social and disciplined beings. Rude, direct, clearly, but we're not bullies!

Finally I say that, I say nothing.

My level of requirement in a group (World of Warcraft) being very high, I got used to mostly playing alone and to group only if the situation really requires it. Yeah, I know ... çay mal ^^ I still integrated a pretty cool guild of thirty and forty, Le Lys d'Insomnia on the server Hssiss, without expecting anything and in order to keep one foot in civilization: it turned out to be a great discovery. In addition, luck put me on the road to an exceptional player with whom I have been in constant contact for several weeks at each login in SWTOR. We even decided to reroll together on the Empire side in order to browse the game by searching.

We are not bullies, I told you ... on the contrary!

And you, do you meet "brutes" in your galaxial peregrinations? Is he have you ever regretted grouping with someone and then feel embarrassed by this situation?

Good game !



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