SWTOR – World Boss

Here is the list of bosses that you can find while traveling through the various planets of the universe.

  • Dromund Cheese (Empire): The First (level 18)

  • Coruscant (Republic): SD-0 (level 18)
  • Balmorra (Empire): Grandpa (level 22)
  • Taris (Republic): Alpha Subject (level 21)
  • Tatooine; Jaw Trap (Level 30)
  • Nar Shadda: R4-GL Battle Droid (Level 32)
  • Alderande: Ulgo Siege Breaker (Level 35)
  • Quesh: Cartel Battle Droid (Level 38)
  • Country: The Elder (level 38)
  • Hoth: Snowblind (level 44), Gargath (level 49)
  • Belsavis: The Primal Destroyer (level 50)
  • Voss (1.3)The Nightmare Pilgrim (level 50)
  • Belsavis (Sector X 1.4): Dreadfang (level 50)
  • Ilum (Gree event since 1.7): Gravak'k, Surgok'k and Xenoanalyst 2
  • Corellia (2.0): The Lucky
  • Makeb (2.0): Toboro's Golden Fury
  • Yavin IV (3.0): Ancient Threat


Other World Boss

  • Tatooïne: Rakghoul event
  • Zama None (50)
  • Infected Jaw Trap (30)
  • Urtagh (50)

Zama Brak

Infected jaw trap


These villains can be done solo (for the weakest or if you have a much higher level) or in a raid group (if you are of roughly equivalent level). They will give you quality loot Artefact, crafting blueprints and will open codex entries.

  • There is no point in relying on your companions, all World Bosses have a special ability that stuns them during the entire fight.
  • Sometimes unconventional loot can be found on these World Bosses ...
  • Some World Bosses are only doable by a single faction (noted in parenthesis)
  • Some World Bosses can be summoned via an item, others are present on site so be careful ...
  • Some World Bosses require specific preparation ...

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