SWTOR - World Boss: Dreadfang

In the new area implemented in 1.5 on Belsavis, Sector X, is Dreadfang, a new outside boss with 5 health points. Needless to say, it will take a few people to kill him!

Here is its location. Knowing that it is walking around and that you can therefore find it higher up:

He really doesn't sound very friendly!

This gigantic Drouk wanders under the control of the Dread Guards and can become even more dangerous if you eliminate him and collect a consumable called "Essence of Dread". It works the same as the Nightmare Pilgrim crystal. However, unlike the latter, Dreadfang loot is not included in the gear progression. By eliminating it, you will gain the title of "Hunter of Drouk" as well as some nice objects like Black Hole implants or this dread guard mask:

To kill it in its basic version, count a group of about twenty poorly equipped people, ten otherwise (1 tank, two healers, DPS) for 5-6 minutes of combat. He likes to send everyone flying away from him, so take him to a quiet corner, the area is not necessarily obvious and a few additional enemies may make it more difficult for you.

Thanks to Kagerro / Maktari, Nydo Horth, Weenea and Darkrotal for all these details. Please feel free to send me additional details about this boss if you kill him!

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