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There was only one World Boss guide missing before the 2.0 release, and here it is!

Before I begin, I thank my guild members on Battle Meditation, Aegis, for responding en masse to help me build this little guide. Now let's get to the heart of the matter!

Gargath is a level 50 world boss located on Hoth and more specifically in the Jagged Plains of the Clabburn Tundra. This is the area between the Imperial and Republican arrival bases, which you must go to during the bonus planet quests. Gargath is patrolling a small area of ​​these plains, which is indicated to you if you have the [Vehicles] Coral Aratech quest which requires defeating him and other world bosses. It is also one of the objectives of the quest [Weekly] Priority Targets IV.

 Gargath is a level 50 boss, who does not require a very demanding composition to face him. Depending on the equipment, count a tank, two healers and three to five dps and this should be absolutely no problem. It seems quite doable with fewer people, and there's nothing to stop doing it with a lot more people, either.

This ice giant has around 1500k health, the strategy to beat him is relatively simple:

  • The tank places it with its back to the group (or the group is placed with its back to the boss, it's up to you;)) and is content to maintain its animosity while being healed. Nothing very complicated in terms of tanking here, no special abilities to interrupt, no debuff that would require you to change tank.
  • Gargath essentially has two abilities that you have to pay a little attention to: he imposes a slowing debuff, against which very little can be done, but more importantly he will regularly throw earthquakes at the feet of some players in the raid. These earthquakes are signaled shortly before by red circles of about 5m in diameter centered on one or more members of the raid (there may be several circles at the same time). What to do seems pretty obvious: get out of the circle, being careful not to just step out of the circle because the damage seems to spread over a larger area (the visual effect of the earthquake has a diameter almost twice as large. larger than the one in the red circle).
  • Apart from these earthquakes, it will happen that the WB jumps in place doing some damage around it with a slight bump on people in melee, but nothing very bad compared to the earthquakes.

And ... that's it, at least in what we have seen.

Once you have defeated Gargath, you will get a codex entry as well as various purple level 50 items. We were thus treated to a Droid Core (index 124 and modifications 50), a catalyst (index 124 and modifications 50 as well). and ... an "exotic animal crate" containing one of the famous taunling (mini-pet tauntaun).

Thanks to Gràr, here is a little video:

Thanks again to Grahald, Horias, Lohrmar, Gràr, Tsevati, Fei'lhyn, Loohuna, Tessa-lynn, Newt, Louähn, Bipsy and Serinnael for having responded to my call, and in any case, do not hesitate to complete this guide in the comments if you notice that something is missing, or to share your images and videos of this World Boss!

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