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SD-0 is the first Worldboss you will come across on the Republic side, based on Coruscant and more precisely in the Old Galactic Market district at coordinates (2555; 1000).

Worldboss level 18

Health Points: 191.863pv

Minimum recommended composition at level 18+ : 2tanks 2heals and a maximum of dps (This boss required the presence of a gigantic group during the beta of the game, but now it is doable with around 8 players)

Strategy: This boss has three techniques that will be fairly easy to handle.

  • Proximity laser : SD-0 will apply this debuff on two players, they will be assigned a target as well as a link connecting them both, they will have to stay apart as much as possible so as not to suffer damage, if the players are too close or one on top of the other they will be killed quickly (a debuff called Residual Charge will tell you the rate of damage you will take depending on your distance, the color of the link will help you too but just know that you have to s 'to remove a maximum of the other targeted friend). Lasts about 15 seconds, be careful that SD-0 does it directly to the pull, so make sure you are already well separated pre-pull
  • Ionized flux : A very powerful attack that the boss will channel, must be interrupted so as not to lose the tank
  • Ionisation : SD-0 attacks will apply the Ionization debuff on the tank, which will increase by 5% per stack the damage received by SD-0's basic attack which is static discharge, a switch tank every 5-6 stacks is therefore recommended

By killing SD-0 you'll get your hands on some level 15 artifact loots as well as a nice amount of credits.

  • Droid-brain Implant
  • AI Relay Device
  • Advanced Resolve Hilt 5
  • Advanced Orange Resolution Crystal
  • [Prototype] TD-03A Saboteur Armguards

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