SWTOR - World Boss: The First

One of your many stays on Dromund Kaas may give you the opportunity to visit the "Premier", a World Boss.


Where is he ?

"The First" is therefore on Dromund Kaas in 222/1599 to the southeast of the map in the heroic zone east of Lord Gratham's domain. He probably, like the other WBs, has a respawn time of 2 hours.

It is directly present so do not look for an object to click because if you cannot see it, given its size, it means that it has already been killed because you cannot miss it. If he is present, the fight can begin


Combat strategy

The first is a former Yozusk from 18 level and count around 230 health points. 

It is easily doable by a level 50 in solo, because (and I recall it is valid for all the WB) these last have an ability which knocks out your companions. In care specialization, you will probably be entitled to enrage after 8 min because it is still relatively long to lower all these health points ....

If he is enraged he then turns all red and hits a lot harder. At level 50, it's still very manageable, but at low level it's the inexorable death of the raid.

So, if you are at the zone level (14-15) and want to go and rub shoulders with him, plan a good group of at least 16 people with 2 tanks and healers. Indeed, it regularly sends the tank in the air and then resets its aggressiveness. The off tank must then quickly take over the World Boss. Besides, in solo 50 with my Twi'lek, while my companion Ashara was knocked out, he always came back to hit her when he threw me in the air.

It also regularly deals melee damage, but good at level 50 it's easily cashable. However, plan to take care of the bosses' level raid cocs.



In addition to the 56 index rewards, to sell in the Galactic Market or to give to your rerolls, you will be entitled to a new codex entry:


Good raid or good solotage!

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