SWTOR - ZL - Assault on Tython

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Alejandra Rangel


After the Incursion on Korriban, we learn that the Empire has also strangely launched an attack on the Jedi planet, Tython.

So here you are sent to eliminate the forces of the Empire who dared to invade the Jedi academy.

For clarification, the two Flashpoints are the same for each faction. The only difference lies in the scenario and the enemies that you will meet there and suddenly, they will be reversed (Empire side, you will start with Tython and end with Korriban).

Codex Republic

Codex Empire

So here I am in Tython, where my first mission is to destroy artillery targeting devices scattered around the map.

Once destroyed, I will face the first boss, Major Travik.

It's time to make our way to the Jedi Temple, not without taking out a few Ravagers in the process.

So here is the Jedi Temple, which I hadn't seen for a long time. I admit having a little pang in my heart seeing this scene of desolation.

Batteries of defenses have been installed by the Imperials, which I hasten to blow up.

At the gates of the Temple awaits me Lieutenant Kreshin, second boss and battle droid mechanic, who has successfully reprogrammed the training droids to attack us.

Inside the Temple, everything is devastated. We make our way through the ruins and turn off the back-up generators to give us access to the library.

The library, where we find the leader of this madness, Lord Goh, whom we hasten to punish.




I'm not telling the story too much so as not to spoil the surprise, but in any case, this new story arc starts off pretty well!

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