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On July 1 at 19 p.m. the second official livestream took place regarding WildStar and its changes to free-to-play and once as such.

If you'd like to see the replay in its entirety, here it is:

Here is a summary of the information given above:

  • The interface of character creation will be completely redone to be more visual, intuitive and explanatory:

  • All rewards obtainable with the loyalty system will be recoverable with the store's currency in play, the OMNIBits
  • La nouvelle solo story instance, Alpha Sanctum, will be low level but level 50 players will still be able to access it
  • There will be no possibility of change race at Drop 6, on the other hand they mentioned it, so it is possible in the future
  • Items from the in-game store can be gifted to friends
  • China will not no new face customization options
  • There no client for Mac planned immediately
  • There will be more in-game account options like dyes but not only (achievements, mounts, pets?)
  • No low-level group content expected soon, developers are instead working on high-level group content
  • In the coming weeks, we will learn more about the new things to come in articles on the official site.

Right after this live, a Q&A session took place on Reddit's WildStar page with the class and stats team:

  • The modifications for the statistics come from the fact that the current ones are not intuitive, having a behavior varying from class to class.
  • The new statistics will be:
    • Multi-Hit: Chance to deal additional damage / healing
    • Glance: Chance to reduce damage taken
    • Critical Mitigation: Reduced the bonus damage inflicted by a critical hit
    • Reflect: Returns a percentage of damage taken to the target that made the hit
    • Intensity: increases the care provided but also the cost of concentration
    • Vigor: increases damage dealt based on your health
  • As this will affect runes, when switching to this system, the runes will be sent to you by mail as a token
  • Handicrafts will undergo improvements in the future to make it less useless, especially for creating equipment
  • A new raid is planned for soon ! This will be more oriented for more casual players with a lower difficulty than the current 3 raids which obviously remain of unchanged difficulty.


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