SWTOR - ZL: Battle for Rishi (Solo / Story)

The Revanites go on the offensive. They planned to destroy the Republican and Imperial fleets in one fell swoop. It is up to us to prevent them from doing so!



Appeared in update 3.0

Solo mode is available, reducing bosses' hit points and simplifying their mechanics.

Three bosses await you there:

  • Rarrook and Marko Ka
  • Master Obai and Lord Vodd
  • Shield Squad Unit 1


Rarrook and Marko Ka

Solo Health Points :

  • Rarrook : 186 468
  • Marko Ka: 127 738

Life Points History :

capacity :

  • Rarrook :
    • Express Charge: Jump on a target
    • Death from the sky: damage channeled to a red area to avoid
    • Auto fire: channeled shot on a target
    • Weakening shock wave: large blue area
  • Marko Ka:
    • Accurate shot: shot cast on a target
    • Suppressive Shot: Channeled Cone Attack
    • Assault Droid: Call in a droid for reinforcement, with the Empowered Laser skill, which places red areas in a line, to be avoided
    • Support Droid: Summons a droid that heals Marko
    • (Story) Rays: Marko disappears, then reappears in a corner, and throws a red ray diagonally
Death from the sky Onde the choc

Radius Powerful laser

Once one of the two dies, the other becomes enraged and its damage is increased. Depending on your group, it's up to you whether you prefer to eliminate them at the same time or one after the other. There is not much difference between the two strategies, it all depends on the Healer if he is more comfortable with one or two bosses.


Master Obai and Lord Vodd

Solo Health Points :

  • Master Obai: 171 785
  • Lord Vodd : 154 166

Life Points History :

capacity :

  • Master Obbai:
    • Force Lunge: cone attack (yellow)
    • Expert Strike: Channeled attack on a target
    • Paralyzing Force Stream: large yellow area on the ground, which slows players down after a few seconds
  • Lord Vodd :
    • Successive lightning: attack channeled on a target
    • Lightning Strike: Cast attack on a target
    • Force Stun: purple area on the ground, which stuns after a few seconds
    • Electric Sphere: Vodd calls out one or two spheres, which point towards the antenna in the middle. If it hits it, they will deal significant damage to the party. You have to go to these spheres before they reach their goal, to take some minor damage instead.
Force lunge Force flow

Force Stun Electric sphere

As with the first bosses, as soon as one of them succumbs, the other goes into enrage mode.


Shield Squad Unit 1

Solo Health Points : 233 822

Life Points History :

capacity :

  • Missile explosion: cross attack
  • Orbital laser: blue area on the ground, deals damage and throws
  • Call for Reinforcements: Call either three basic enemies or one strong enemy
  • Mega Electric Storm: The boss becomes invulnerable. On each side you will find two consoles, with an orange area. It will be necessary to go and click on it as quickly as possible, to interrupt his storm before he has finished channeling it. Otherwise, the entire group is eliminated, and you're good to start over.
Missile explosion Orbital strike

Mega storm

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