SWTOR - ZL: The Siege of Kaon (Story)

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Rakghoul epidemic, murky atmosphere and shrill cries worthy of a survival horror, this is what awaits you in this contentious zone.



The planet Kaon is a victim of the rakghoul plague, the epidemic is spreading rapidly on the planet. You are sent there to investigate this disease and why it has appeared.

Meet on the fleet ship Gav Daragon / Shadow of Ziost, in the Tion operations hangar.

Note: You may find in this ZL a bonus boss linked to the Rakghoul Resurgence event, which can drop a "Midnight Rakghoul" Pet.



From the start of the ZL, a step-by-step mission is offered to you, giving you access to a bonus boss:

  • Step 1 : Defeat hostile individuals: / 25
  • Step 2 : Defeat hostile individuals: / 25
  • Step 3 : Activate containment beacons / 6
  • Final step : Defeat the KR-82 expeller


Group of Infected + Major Byzal

A group of infected will come to invite themselves to the party. Eliminate them quickly. You will then realize that Major Byzal accompanying you is not in great shape. You have to choose:

  • Kill him (obscure choice): no procrastination, at least it's quick and precise.
  • Let him live (bright choice): in which case, he will turn into a not-so-bad rakghoul, and he will have to be killed anyway.

Point of view : 11 970

capacity :

  • He has no abilities to speak of, he is simply accompanied by three infected. A few areas of damage and we don't talk about it anymore.


On the way, beware of the Bloated Contaminants. As soon as their health approaches zero, they turn all green and explode after a few seconds. You are strongly advised to back down in these cases.

A little further, in the tunnels of rubble, certain groups can harm your group. Do not hesitate to use your dizziness on them, especially on the Mercenaries.


Canon blaster

It is not a boss strictly speaking, but a phase which still requires organization. To be able to move forward, we will have to blow up the wall behind, but it will take time, and the rakghouls are arriving en masse. We will therefore have to eliminate them with the cannon, a bit like in the Colicoid War Game ZL.

Rather, it is advisable that one of the DPS (not Ranged if you only have one in the party) take control of the cannon. The Ranged DPS will stay behind with the Healer, and the Tank will stay near the cannon to pick up enemies that have escaped the cannon.

A little tip for Ranged and Healer DPS: You can use the scenery to climb up the small hole in the wall, which will protect you from enemy attacks. Follow the indicated path to get there.

A little tip for the player in the cannon: it is easier to look at the minimap to detect where enemies are placed and thus know where to fire the cannon.


Giant rakghoul

Point of view : 217 640

capacity :

  • Throw Boulders: Throws a boulder at the target, dealing damage
  • Pounding: Strikes the ground, stunning nearby enemies
  • Projection: Projects the target several meters

In the four corners of the park area, you will find cans of explosive fuel. They will be of great use to you in coming to terms with this atrocity.

Indeed, at certain moments of the fight, a message will warn you that "the monster has gone mad".

He then has a buff that allows him to absorb most of the damage. It will therefore be necessary to bring it near a can (really close, otherwise it does not work), then explode it to remove this buff and be able to inflict normal damage on it. This tactic will have to be repeated 4 or even 3 times in the fight depending on your DPS.


Boss bonus: Expulseur KR-82

Point of view : 237 004

capacity :

  • Grapple: Draws party members close to him
  • Explosive Shot: Launches missiles at a random target, dealing some area damage
  • Energy Boost: Calls three Emergency Response Droids to the rescue (21 hp)
  • Energy Shield: When Droid Reinforcements arrive, channel an Energy Shield


Rakghoul Super Soldiers

Life Points Commander Lk'Graagth : 42 522
Points of vie Chak'aghakh : 42 522
G'klarg health points : 42 522

capacity :

  • Ground Block: G'klarg now has his target on the ground.
  • Festering Bite: Damage Over Time (G'klarg)
  • Dreadful Aura: Increases damage taken when G'klarg gets angry by 100%
  • Auto fire: Repeated damage to target (Lk'Graagth)

When one of the three dies, a tainted wave appears. Eliminate them quickly with damage spots.

It is not possible for the Tank to provoke enemies, so they will have the unfortunate tendency to attack just about anyone in the group. It is advisable to eliminate them in a certain order: G'klarg first, then Chak'aghakh then finally the Commander. Feel free to use the target markers to make your job easier.

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