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Pennsylvania Plaza is the nerve center of the play area as it houses the base of operations. It is surrounded by the neighborhoods of Chelsea, Hudson Yards and Garment District. There are a total of 13 Intels to pick up.


  • Echoes (3)
  • Telephone recordings (5)
  • Survival Guides (2)
  • Incident Reports (2)
  • Drones (1)
  • Missing Agent (0)



It is one of the echoes that you cannot miss! It is located northwest of Madison Square Garden at the corner of 8th Avenue and 33rd Street.

Heather Lau, part 2

This echo is easy to find, since it is part of the quest Heather Lau. It is on 26th, east of 8th Avenue.

Heather Lau, part 3

This echo is easy to find, since it is part of the quest Heather Lau. It is in an alley between 26th and 29th streets, entering from 8th Avenue.

Telephone recordings

Lucky girl

It is located just above 29th Street, west of 8th Avenue, in an abandoned garden next to a red barbecue.

The winner

Located in a passage between 33th and 34th streets and east of 8th Avenue, this recording is located next to a large tree, after beating a few thugs.

Telephone harassment 3

This recording is located between 26th and 29th Street, east of 8th Avenue. In an alley, ready for a blue van, you will see loading / delivery docks and one of them greeted our phone.


This recording is located in an alley between West 33rd Street and West 34th Street, and between 6th and 7th Avenue. The telephone is located next to a wine and liquor store, recognizable by its pink neon lights.


It is in the southwest of the neighborhood, on the corner between 9th Avenue and 24th Street. Look in the park, the phone is next to a building entrance.

Survival Guides

Survival Guide, page 5

On 31st Street, going up from 9th to 8th Avenue, you will have to go through a sort of garage on the right just before the "High Low Electronics" store. Step over the crates and take the door at the back on the left, go up to the first floor and enter on the right. Then, small left-right zigzag to enter the server room where the guide awaits you.

Survival Guide, page 7

On 29th Street, going up from 9th to 8th Avenue, you have to enter a building on the left just before a flag of the United States hanging over the street (there is even a flag mounted on a balcony of the building). Go up to the top floor and search the apartment. At the foot of the library you will find page 7.

Incident reports

Rule number 1

This incident report is between 26th and 29th Street, west of 7th Avenue. You have to pass a parking lot over a barrier, then behind the ambulance.

Invest Projects

This report is behind Madison Square Garden, along 31st Street. You have to look in a CERA tent.



This drone is rather easy to find, even if you have to think about it when passing by (besides the noise will alert you). After taking back a fortress from the thugs, just northwest of the base of operations on 33rd Street, you have to climb the ladder and on the top platform, you have to look on the corner of a building (look up at the top!). Shoot the drone and the intel drops to the ground in front of you.

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