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Like any online game worthy of the name, it is common to come across collections and The Division is no exception to the rule by offering the collection of field data.


The Intels: kézako?


This is data that you don't have to search for in the game since you get it at the end of the main missions.

  • Security: The videos found tell us more about the different types of enemies we may come across and how they wreaked havoc.
  • Medicine: Reports of the virus tell us more about the origin of Green Poison, its symptoms and characteristics.
  • Technology: Surveillance data tells us about the agents in the Division, but those in the first wave and what became of them ...


Field data

Each zone has a different amount of terrain data to be found throughout the city. At any time, you can access the Intel menu by pressing Esc in-game and selecting the corresponding menu. These field data are sorted into 6 categories, each of which is present at a location in the database:

  • 24 Survival Guides, appearing at Doctor Hudson's office in the Medical Wing.
  • 130 Telephone recordings, in the Security Wing control room.
  • 40 Incident reports, in the Safety Wing control room.
  • 16 Crashed drones, in the Medical Wing laboratory.
  • 20 Missing Agents, in the Tech Wing.
  • 63 Echoes, in the Technological Wing.

Detail by district

If you collect all the Intels in a category, you will be entitled to a cosmetic reward: jackets of different colors!


How to consult them?

Intels can be consulted (listened to, reviewed, reread) in two ways:

  • By opening the main menu by pressing Esc then selecting the menu at the top left. The first tab concerns the evidence while the second tab allows you to take stock of the field data. You can also see the number of data retrieved per quarter in the gauges below and with the G key, you can scroll through the quarters.

  • only for the evidence, we can consult it from terminals in the base of operations.
    • The videos found are in the operations room of the Security wing.
    • The medical elements are in the laboratory of the Medical wing.
    • The technological elements are in the room on the left by going up the stairs.

Where to pick them up?

Cynophile brigade

The developers had already thought of us since the dog squad (improvement of the Security wing for 200 points) allows us to see the locations of all the Intels once we have completed all the side missions in an area.

Our guides and the interactive map

The dog squad is good, but we thought that you might like to have some leads to better find them after finishing a zone, or even during your progress. Two ways to do this:

  • The interactive map, update little by little
  • Our guides by zones (an overview of Camp Hudson just below!)
  • Brooklyn (no intel)
  • Chelsea
  • Camp Hudson (below)
  • Pennsylvania Plaza
  • Hudson Yards
  • Garment District
  • Tenderloin
  • Times Square
  • Hell's Kitchen
  • Clinton
  • Flatiron District
  • Gramercy
  • Stuyvesant
  • Kips Bay
  • Murray Hill
  • Turtle bay
  • Midtown East


The Intels of Camp Hudson

Heather Lau, part 1

It is located in the Chelsea Park and is easily found with the Heather Lau side mission. When leaving the Camp, turn left and go forward to the barrier with the inscription "End is here?". Take an immediate left after the barrier and you will come across the Echo.

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