The Sims 4 - A Sneak Peek of New Items in the "Like at the Movies" Kit

The Item Kit Like in the movies, released on January 12, adds items to allow sims to bring cinema home!



Three pieces are offered with this kit.

  • Boème urban living room
  • Eclectic dining room
  • Movies area

Quite nice even if very crowded and small, these pieces use most of the new objects and will give you ideas for getting started with. I just hope you are not afraid of colors!



Two new doors are added, under the title Peace and Nature at 50§. They are both available in many colors. Here is the double:


And here's the simple one:



Various objects

So we have an armchair, an ottoman, two chairs, two sofas, tables, plants, posters, a mirror, curtains, a rug, a hanging, candles, two lights, a tree (lilac and lantern), an outdoor cinema screen, an indoor cinema screen, a popcorn machine and a cabinet.

Here is a nice little living room with the new sofa, the coffee table with one of the new decorations (fire and ice) on the new carpet. You will also notice the door and the decorative element on the wall.

Here, we find in the center a table with the two new chairs (on the long sides). At the back, we have on the wall the hanging and the small decorative table. The flowers in the left corner as well as the decorative elements on the small table on the right are also new!

This pretty TV room uses almost only new items with movie posters, giant indoor screen, sofa, rug, decorations ... You can also see the one of the new light fixtures.



Popcorn machine

Rather small, the popcorn maker comes in 12 colors: black, gray, yellow, green, pink, blue-green, dark blue, purple, white, light blue gray and red. You can make Butter Popcorn for 10§ right off the bat. However, you will need to reach 7 of the Cooking skill to be able to prepare Caramel Popcorn (at 25§). As you move up to your other skills, you can learn how to make Sweet and Salty Popcorn (15§) and Cheddar Popcorn (20§).

How to cheat to quickly get up Kitchen?

With cheat codes, you can quickly set up your kitchen:

  1. open the command console: Ctrl + Shift + C)
  2. activate cheat mode: testingcheats true
  3. enter stats.set_skill_level Major_HomestyleCooking xx (where xx is the level you want)
  4. for gourmet cuisine, use the command stats.set_skill_level Major_GourmetCooking xx

Once the recipe is chosen, the machine takes about thirty seconds before giving the precious treat. The Popcorn remains edible for several hours and the machine can be emptied at any time.

And here's a quick video showing my Sim making Popcorn and enjoying it in front of a good movie!


Cinema screens

Two screens are available: one indoor and one outdoor. These screens are similar in their functionality.

Twelve films are offered:

  • Simder
  • SuperEnfants : Catastrophe Cortex
  • Revisions movements at the university
  • Moonlight Massacre 3
  • The Maladroatte Sisters
  • Diamonds are for the Sims
  • Hearts to take
  • Army of the Undead Sims
  • The return of the lost dog
  • The adventures of space simulation



There are various new outfits in the bohemian theme. For women, you'll find two tops, three sets, a maxi skirt, mini-shorts and two pairs of shoes in various dyes and featuring various designs. On the men's side, only unique items with a lot more tops, two pants and two pairs of shoes.

  • Men
  • Women


Nice, this kit of objects does not bring anything essential, you can crack or ignore, your overall game experience will not be greatly influenced. There were already big televisions before and the sims survived perfectly without Popcorn. The decorations make it possible to create original bohemian interiors that were on the other hand not easy to create before and the outfits are pleasant, especially for men. For 10 €, it's up to you! Me, in any case, I did not hesitate and my sims now spend a lot of time watching movies from their living rooms!

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