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Let's take a closer look at the profession Astronaut. Marina is the Sim who will do our tests for this profession (yes, again her). I select the career Astronaut:


Astronaut career levels

Here is the complete list of the ten levels of the Astronaut career. At level 7, you will have the choice between two branches: Tidy up space ou Interstellar trafficker. As in every profession, one branch brings in more money than others: here, it is the job of Interstellar trafficker which is the most profitable.

  • Ideal mood: Concentrate
  • Task of the day: Training
  • Required Skills : Fitness - Logic


Choice of professional branch


  • Tidy up space
  • Interstellar trafficker

  • Ideal mood: Energized
  • Task of the day: Space missions
  • Required Skills : Fuséologie – Fitness

  • Ideal mood: Energized
  • Task of the day : Space missions
  • Required Skills : Fuséologie – Fitness


How to develop your skills

  • Fitness
  • Rocketry
  • While jogging
  • By training with a sandbag, with the bench or the treadmill.
  • Going to the gym
  • Dancing to music
  • Reading fitness books
  • By building his rocket
  • By reading the three sections on Rocketry
  • By helping another Sim build their rocket
  • By exploring space
  • By improving his rocket


Career rewards

For each success, the bosses offer you material accompanied by a small additional bonus.

  • Astronaut career
  • Profession: Space ranger
  • Profession: Interstellar Trafficker





Sim's needs at work

When your Sim goes to work, their needs must be met. While the overall needs may not always decrease at work, a good Sim does better. Consider taking a shower energizing just before leaving!

At work, it is impossible to control it. However, if you click on his portrait, actions can be taken:

  • Walk in the universe : improves the skill Rockeology
  • Chat with colleagues : improves your social need
  • Leave work early: you go home at the risk of being fired
  • Relax : improves your need for entertainment
  • Work hard : allows you to improve your progression towards a promotion



As you move forward with your work, the outfits are unlocked.

  • Astronaut
  • Profession: Space ranger
  • Profession: Interstellar Trafficker



Lucky Cards

Luck cards allow you to earn extra cash and improve the progress bar to get a promotion. Here are the answers to the different options available to you. Other luck cards may be available.


Are you tempted by this branch?

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