The Sims 4 - Build Your House # 4

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We are already almost at the end of our discovery of the construction mode. We have indeed seen how to lay the walls and build rooms. Then we installed wallpaper, flooring and windows. And finally we have furnished this house. Now let's tackle the outside. This part might be quite large, so we'll split it in half. For the moment we are going to see the exterior of the garden. In a future guide, we will see the exterior of the house (roof, windows, terraces, etc.). We are lucky to have a beautiful and large garden, we might as well enjoy it! To make things a little easier, I decided to change the terrain and opt for a 50x50 terrain, which gives me a lot of possibilities.



The area is still arid. Certainly, the sand can be nice, but I would still like a little grass. Before installing the house, let's focus on the soil of the land and what can be done to transform it. In the Construction menu, locate the small lawn icon, called "Terrain Paints":

Several tools are therefore available to us: Herbs and flowers

Stones and paving stones Earth and sand

  The tools on the left side allow you to select the size and shape of the brushes, as well as the hardness. It is therefore very easy to "paint" the floor, with the patterns you want.

The most inspired of you will certainly be able to create works of art just with this tool!

Obviously, this is not my case! Let's leave a nice green lawn and set up the house so that we can get down to business.


I like fenced lots. It's true, we shouldn't just go there. Here is the Fences tool:

We have a fairly substantial choice, but I'm going to fall back on a fairly basic fence.

Yes, I know what you are going to tell me: "Where are we going in?". Rest assured, I haven't forgotten! The Portal tool is there for that.

The choice is quite large too, but beware, you can be limited with the size of the fence.

For example, the one I chose is quite high, so I am limited in my choice of portal. But I still choose one that goes well with the fence.

As long as we are there, just to arrange a little, a small path to lead to the door would be rather well seen.


Furnished rooms

As with the house, there are also ready-made pieces for the outdoors, which you can buy and arrange as you wish. Welcoming wedding garden


Hawthorn Park

Maze of the lost gnome

Allure aluminium

Garden of Contemplation

Teak terrace


One of the things that I find really pretty to dress up a door or to create a really classy aisle are the columns.

 The little extra is that the columns can now be inserted into the walls directly.

The height of luxury: an aisle of columns!


Plants and trees

A great garden classic, plants and trees are a great way to brighten up your exterior and give your garden nice touches of color. Four categories allow you to make your choice:

  • Trees
  • Shrubs
  • Flowers
  • stones


Unfortunately, our Sims are no longer allowed to swim, as the pools have strangely disappeared. Hoping they will come back soon. But instead, a new tool has appeared to create pretty fountains. Several tools are at our disposal. For the shape, first of all, several shapes are possible: free, triangle, square, rhombus or octagon.

The second tool, "Fountain decorations", allows you to frame it to better delimit it.

The third tool is the fountain itself, with a large selection of water jets, making it possible to create a truly impressive fountain.

It's quite complicated to describe everything. The easiest way is to install them to see the direction and effect of the jet. Some have a more or less long distance, others are a succession of small jets, or still others have jets like small Chinese dragons.

The last option allows you to add ready-made decorations or small fountains.

Personally, although I regret swimming pools, I really find the addition of this tool a big plus, and I hope that other tools to make even more impressive fountains are added regularly. Small quick example (it's casually not easy ^^):   So that concludes our exterior decoration course. The final chapter of our construction mode discovery series will focus on exterior home decorations. And don't hesitate to share your creations!

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