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Let's take a closer look at the Business Trades branch. Marina is the Sim who will do our tests for this profession. I choose the Business career:


Business career levels

Here is the complete list of the ten levels of the Business career. At level 7, you will have the choice between two branches: Investor ou Management. You choose ! As in every trade, one of the two branches brings in more money than the other. For this branch, the job of Management will earn you more per day.

  • Ideal mood: Energized
  • Task of the day: Complete reports
  • Required Skills : Charisma - Logic


Choice of professional branch

  • Investor
  • Management



  • Ideal mood: Concentrate
  • Task of the day : doing research on stocks
  • Required Skills : Charisma - Logic


  • Ideal mood : Confident
  • Task of the day : Make business calls
  • Required Skills : Charisma - Logic


How to develop your skills

  • Logic
  • Charisma
  • By playing chess.
  • Reading books on logic
  • By doing actions with the telescope
  • By taking actions with the observatory
  • Looking at herself in a mirror
  • By reading the three sections on the charism
  • By chatting with other Sims
  • By creating discussions on the computer


Career rewards

For each success of your career, the bosses offer you material. In addition, this comes with a small additional bonus.


  • Career Business
  • Profession: Investor
  • Profession : Management






Sim's needs at work

When your Sim leaves for work, their needs should be met as much as possible. While the overall needs may not always decrease at work, a good Sim performs better and is therefore more likely to be promoted. Consider taking a shower energizing just before leaving!

When your Sim leaves for work, you can no longer control them. However, if you click on his portrait, actions can be taken. Some improve skills, others on the contrary can get you fired.

  • Chat with colleagues : improves your social need
  • Leave work early: you go home at the risk of being fired
  • Relax : improves your need for entertainment
  • Work hard : allows you to improve your progression towards a promotion



As you move forward with your work, the outfits are unlocked. Here is a preview.

  • Affaire
  • Profession: Investor and Management



Lucky Cards

Luck cards allow you to earn extra cash and improve the progress bar to get a promotion. Here are the answers to the different options available to you. Other luck cards may be available.


Are you tempted by this branch?

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