Wildstar - The Universe

Nexus is the legendary planet of Eldans, a very powerful people with ultra-sophisticated technology, who mysteriously disappeared from the galaxy more than a thousand years ago. The planet, located in an unexplored area beyond the Border, then fell into oblivion ... Until today! Archaeologists, adventurers, and other treasure hunters all want a piece of the pie, leading to a scramble for its many secrets.

The Dominion, a powerful galactic empire, claims Nexus and its riches, thereby declaring war on all the exiled mercenaries, rebels and refugees, who discovered the planet and have since considered it their home. This planet in the grip of increasingly violent conflicts is therefore home to a bubbling breeding ground of different peoples from all corners of the universe, even the most remote: we meet both hostile extraterrestrials and pirates of the bloodthirsty space, or members of unscrupulous intergalactic corporations.

Nexus itself is as wild as it is desert, and its many environments, while dangerous, are just waiting to be explored. Eldan ruins hide deep in majestic forests, atop vertiginous mountains and in the heart of sulphurous marshes, concealing ancient magic and technologies of unimaginable power. The rusty carcasses of gigantic robots lie half-buried in the shifting dunes of vast deserts, and strange and formidable creatures lurk in the shadows cast by extraordinary monoliths. But beyond all of these wonders lie the dark secrets of the Eld within themselves, and the reason they disappeared from Nexus so long ago.

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