The Sims 4 - Character Traits

When creating your Sim, in addition to aspirations, you have 4 character traits that will allow you to create a unique Sim. In addition, it will influence his emotions as well as the Gameplay. On the other hand, you can only really choose 3, a trait is automatically assigned with the aspiration. For Kid Sims, you only have one trait to choose from. For a teenager, there are two.

You have to be careful because some traits are incompatible with each other and others are incompatible with your aspiration. At the same time, it all depends on whether you want a little challenge in your game!


Here are all the available traits in detail:


Active : These Sims tend to be energized and can get other Sims in shape - their condition may deteriorate if they don't exercise for too long.


Creative: These Sims tend to be inspired and can share creative ideas with other Sims - their condition may deteriorate if they are not creative for too long a period of time.


Genius: These Sims tend to concentrate easily and can share ideas with other Sims - their condition may deteriorate if they haven't improved their mental skills for a long time.


Joyful : these Sims tend to be happier than other Sims.


Gloomy: these Sims tend to be sad and may share their melancholy thoughts with other Sims. Their Creativity skill improves especially when they are sad.


Clown: these Sims tend to be playful.


Romantic : these Sims tend to be flirtatious and are likely to be sad if they don't have romantic social interactions for too long.


Hot blood : these Sims tend to get angry, can irritate other Sims, and can also get angry when they are the target of malicious acts.


Confident : these Sims are generally self-confident.


Style de vie

Love nature: these Sims can get excited about nature in front of other Sims and are happy when they are outside.


Ambitious: These Sims gain Powerful Mindsets from Professional Achievements, and Negative Mindsets from Professional Failures - their condition may deteriorate if they don't get promoted.


Filthy: these Sims don't mind a dirty, messy environment.


Insane: these Sims can talk to themselves and have unpredictable emotions.


Gloutonne: These Sims react more negatively to hunger than other Sims, still enjoy eating (regardless of the quality of the food) can eat spoiled food, and can search garbage for food.


Immature : these Sims get powerful states of mind while watching the kids channel, become playful when playing with kids, and are happy when having fun with kids toys.


Awkward: these Sims tend to fail physical activities more often and laugh at those failures rather than take them the wrong way.


Materialist: these Sims can admire and brag about their possessions, and are sad if they haven't bought anything new in too long.


Lazy Girl : These Sims get powerful states of mind while watching TV, taking a nap, or sitting on comfortable furniture - they get tired more quickly if they exercise and are tense when they have to do them. household chores.


Snob: these Sims can criticize shoddy objects, are jaded in front of TV shows without intellectual pretensions, and improve their self-confidence around other snobbish Sims.


Neat: these Sims are happy and have a good time cleaning the household, may have a cleaning frenzy, and are very uncomfortable in a dirty environment.



Love music: these Sims achieve powerful states of mind and improve their need for Entertainment while listening to music: they are happy when they play an instrument.


Art lover: these Sims gain powerful states of mind by seeing artwork and can admire artwork and discuss art in unique ways.


Geek : these Sims are happy when reading sci-fi or playing video games and can get tense if they haven't played a lot. They are better at finding collectibles than other Sims and can discuss geek stuff with other geekies.


Greedy : these Sims are happy and have a good time eating good food, are uncomfortable eating bad food, and can watch cooking shows for new cooking ideas.


Perfectionist : These Sims take longer to craft items, but they are generally of a higher quality: they get Powerful Minds by crafting a high-quality item and Negative Mindsets if they craft a low-quality item .


Bookworm : these Sims get powerful mindsets by reading books, they can also analyze books and discuss books in unique ways.



Benevolent: these Sims are happy when Sims present with positive states of mind, can donate to charity, are sad when interacting with malicious Sims, and can discuss world peace.


Hates children: these Sims are angry around children, are tense after trying to have a baby, and can be mean to children.


Extravertie : These Sims gain powerful moods when chatting in a friendly manner, have a rapidly deteriorating Social need, and gain more negative moods than other Sims when their Social Need satisfaction level is low.


Malicious: these Sims are happy when surrounded by Sims with negative states of mind, can laugh evil and discuss evil plans - they get angry when interacting with caring Sims.


Member of a group of friends: these Sims can give their mates a manly hug, boost their confidence when they are with their mates, and get energized by watching sports.


Naughty : these Sims find their happiness in being mean or mischievous towards other Sims and become confident after winning a fight.


Close to his family: These Sims are happy when they are around family members and sad if they don't interact with their family for too long - they can also show off on their family.


Reluctant to engage: these Sims get tense if a job or relationship has been going on for a while and are happy when they quit or end a relationship: they wait longer before proposing and can discuss their fear of engagement .


Solitaire : These Sims are happy when alone and don't receive negative moods when their Social need is a concern: they are tense around strangers and are more often embarrassed by social rejection.


You are ready for the creation of your sims!

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