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In the Sims 4, many bonuses are unlocked when your Sim goes up the various careers offered in the game. At each level 10 reached in a job, you unlock a room furnished with all the objects associated with the career in question. If you do not have the strength to climb all the trades, here is a code allowing you to unlock everything instantly:


If you want to quickly find your new parts, use the menu on the right and select:

  • Unblocked Content
  • Basic game
  • At work

You can have fun creating special craft houses in the new area of Newcrest !

If you want to change the size of your elements, you can use this code to make the objects larger:

SHIFT key + ^ key

As we see in the picture, different sizes have been applied to the elephant topiary.

For this code to work, your keyboard must be in AZERTY and your objects must not yet be placed on the floor. If you want to decrease the size of an already enlarged object, use the code:

SHIFT key + key)

Finally, we will talk about the manipulation that will allow you to change the name of an already created Sim:

  1. To get started, type the code: TestingCheats on.
  2. Then continue with the code: cas.FullEditMode.
  3. Hold down the SHIFT key while clicking on the Sim you want to rename.
  4. Choose the option: Edit in the CUS.
  5. Once you return to the CUS, you can see at the top left that changing your Sim's name is possible!

Note that to use these codes, you must first open the command console (Ctrl + Shift + C) and type the command of your choice from the list above.

You now have all the cards in hand to have fun!

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