WoW - Stronghold - Building: Tower of Mages / Altar of Spirits

Allows you to go instantly to strategic locations in Draenor!

This building requires a large location, a fief at least level 2 and will allow travel in Draenor. This will require access stones from ogres which can be found on all ogres, although the most profitable seems to be the Stonemason arena in Gorgrond (39, 67). To activate a portal the first time, you have to go to the desired location with 25 stones. If we have a free portal slot, then a new portal will be created in the Tower of Mages / Altar of Spirits. Note that these portals only work in one direction: Fiefdom to Region. Closing a portal to be able to replace it with another destination costs 10 stones.

  • Gorgrond: 58.0, 34.5
  • Nagrand : 32.2, 46.2
  • Spiers of Arak: 54.6, 51.6
  • Talador: 55.1, 46.0.
  • Frostfire Ridge: 61.5, 45.6



1 level

Allows you to find ogre access stones on Draenor that can power the portal of your choice. In combat, sometimes trigger Runes of Power.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

At level 1, the mages tower does not really look like a tower. At best a tent!

Inside, we find Archmage Kem and many flying objects!


A small tent with Assemblies and portals all around.

An ethereal allows you to enter the assemblies if you find that it is better without.

And here is the interior.

From level 1, the NPC gives a quest asking to collect 25 ogres access stones and then use them to activate our first ogres access portal in Draenor!


2 level

Unlock a second Ogre Access Portal, for a total of 2.

To get the Level 2 Blueprint, you must be Level 100 or complete the Nagrand Outpost questline. The boss costs 1500 gp or is free with the Detailed Guide to Outpost Building obtained from completing the Outpost Quest.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

If you don't like big blue monsters, assemblages, the ethereal will be able to store them for you (he already does at level 1)!

Inside, there is now reading! A little panoramic:

So Horde players are less readers than Alliance players!


Level 3

Unlock a third Ogre Access Portal for a total of 3.

To buy the blueprint, you must first have completed the achievement that requires you to collect 500 ogres access stones: No stone, no access.

  • Alliance
  • Horde

Thanks to Bridjes (Medivh)


Please feel free to send screenshots of your level 3 building.

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