The Sims 4 - Crafting Ability

The DIY skill is a versatile skill in The Sims 4. A DIY Sim will not only do repairs and upgrades, but they'll also be able to create sculptures and furniture to earn money.

You will also need this skill to see the hidden land "Forgotten Cave" in Oasis Springs. You have to reach rank 10 to remove the panels at the entrance to the cave and thus explore it.


Characteristics and career

  • Required for aspiration: no aspiration uses this skill
  • Matching stroke : Perfectionist
  • Mandatory for the following professions: no career


Learning ability

This capacity can be increased with a workbench as well as by carrying out all repairs to the house.

The competence Crafting can also be increased with the help of books:

  • DIY Vol. 1: Watch out for your fingers! (skill level 1 to 3)
  • DIY Vol. 2: Watch out for sparks (skill level 4 to 6)
  • DIY Vol. 3: Constantly improving (skill level 7 and above)

When your Sim is concentrated, your capacity will increase faster.


Stages of DIY ability


  • Cabinetmaker workshop in detail
  • List of improvements


Earn money with your creations

When you make things using the workbench, all of your creations earn you money. You should know that if your quality is excellent, the creation will pay more.


Influence on emotions

After a few hours of creation on the workbench, your Sim will surely be tense. Don't forget to change activity regularly so that he can continue to create!

When your Sim is under the influence of emotions, they will be able to create sculptures of emotions. Do not hesitate to test these beautiful sculptures.



Here is the list of rewards that will allow you to learn your skill faster:

  • Fast reader: 1.000 points
  • Night owl: 1.000 points
  • Scholar: 4.000 points
  • Morning Sims: 1.000 points
  • Negotiator: 1.500 points
  • Carefree 3.000 points



You have certain challenges to complete if you want to increase the challenge:

  • Full ... toolbox: Have a Sim reach the highest level in the DIY skill
  • Rosebud : Earn 1 simsflouz in a single household.

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