The Sims 4 - "Dining Out" Game Pack Preview

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The Sims, always as greedy, can now go to the restaurant thanks to the new game pack simply titled "At the Restaurant".

After purchasing the pack, and downloading it, the first step is to set a default restaurant. There is nothing required, you can very well choose to create it yourself, or take another model from the library (which gathers the creations of the players). To be usable, a restaurant needs a few basic items: equipped stoves, a sideboard, a reception, at least four tables, a toilet and a sink. Everything else is optional although nothing is ever too good for the comfort of our little Sims.

The default restaurant is provided with a comfortable lounge, a bar with 6 seats, large benches for a cafeteria-style space and finally a room with four tables for twelve seats. A large high kitchen opens onto the dining room, allowing customers to see the chef at work while enjoying his dishes. Finally, a piano adds a timeless cachet to the whole. Upstairs, the toilets and a terrace.


Restaurant owner

The operation of the restaurants is modeled on that of the shops, the acquisition also takes place through the menu of the telephone. Two choices are possible: either buy an existing restaurant with its furniture (so for example by buying the default restaurant if you have installed it) or buy a virgin land to build it. For those who wish to create a chain, it is possible to buy several restaurants and combine with classic shops!

For the money, it runs on equity transferred from the home of the owner Sim. The profits then go into this special fund, just like the debts if there are any (if the restaurant is in deficit). Fortunately, it is possible to re-inject money at any time when needed. Because yes, creating a restaurant is dangerous as the game reminds us, very optimistic.


Here is the magnificent restaurant that I decided to create, quickly bored by the default restaurant:

Before opening, I still have to hire employees who fall into three categories: chef, waiter and host. They all have specific skills and a starting salary. Once the employee has been chosen, it is possible to give him orders, congratulate him, criticize him, promote him, send him to training ... or fire him! Different actions that will increase or decrease his satisfaction that can lead to his resignation if he is really depressed and / or poorly paid according to his abilities. The training also improves the employee's abilities after work, very useful even if it is expensive.

To make it easier for customers to recognize the team, they can wear customizable uniforms. No surprise on this side as the creation goes through the Create a Sim tool. Some outfits are offered by default if you are not inspired.

The map is also fully editable. At any time, in the event of an error or if it no longer looks like anything, it is possible to reload the default menu. A good tip that I share with you following my experience: choose simple dishes if you have a beginner chef. Otherwise, hello damage! Customers will complain because the food is expensive and not good. Then increase the difficulty as the Chef gains skills (as easy dishes are not profitable to offset salary costs).

Prices are generally fixed according to the defined margin (from 100% to 300%). Other parameters can be configured in the option menu of the restaurant: the quality of the ingredients, the dress code of the customers (daily, sport, dressed ...) and the advertising according to a daily fixed price (0, 120§ , 240§, 480§ or 1,200§).

Once the restaurant is open, you have to run your business: welcome customers, direct them to a table, take orders, serve them, cash in ... By participating in the life of the restaurant with our Sim, advantage points are cumulated (this does not work for employees). A special shop linked to this currency offers various advantages, permanent or temporary, to make the establishment more profitable and popular: reduction in the price of ingredients, addition of additional employees, increase in waiting time tolerated by customers, selling more expensive dishes, reducing the time taken by customers to eat ...

Small specificity compared to the trade: the restaurant can be opened without the owner.

In addition to ensuring correct finances (and therefore finding a balance between costs of wages and profits on the sale of dishes), what is essential is to ensure stars. At the maximum number of five, these stars define the popularity of the restaurant and therefore its affluence. When the customer enters the restaurant, he usually has an average satisfaction of 3/5, this will go down if the food is not good, or the wait is too long. Conversely, it will go up if all is well, if he eats well, if the staff are friendly and considerate ...

Special attention should be paid to food critics because their opinion counts and they are ruthless! Fortunately, they can go back on their opinions:


A good thing since the reception it is possible to block the arrival of new customers. Thus, the day can end quietly without having to chase customers when you want to close!


Restaurant customer

Is your Sim tired of cooking? So he can go out to eat and be served! Once there, to obtain a table, it is advisable to contact the host who is usually near the reception (it is possible to click on the furniture too).

Once installed, the card opens the menu. And there is a choice! Chef's Choice is a dish on promotion, the best way to eat at a low price.

You can order as many dishes as you need until you are hungry. Unfortunately, no basketball restaurant in The Sims 4, because the outing must end with the bill. Yep, Sims respect the law!


New objects

There are many new objects that inevitably accompany the arrival of restaurants. There is of course the furniture necessary for the proper functioning of the establishment: reception, stoves, sideboard ... But there are also signs, tables and chairs, as well as the timeless benches and high stools.

Here are all these objects put in a room!


The Restaurant DLC for The Sims 4 doesn't revolutionize the game, so don't expect big changes as the mechanics are modeled after the shops. But the principle of opening a restaurant is so suited to the game that one wonders how we managed to do without it before. In addition, having a profitable and efficient restaurant is far from obvious, which requires many days of activity to adjust all the parameters and achieve a good balance. The possibility of having several restaurants, and of opening them in the absence of the owner Sim, offers a welcome freedom, main or secondary activity. This DLC is therefore without hesitation to consider, without forgetting the good quantity of objects that you can of course also use in your houses.

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