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You know the power of Gogeta whether in the anime or even in game, you will now have to face him through the event of the supreme fusion to win his medals in order to transcend the power of it (evolution in TUR). This event is broken down into two levels where in the first you can recover Veku END and the second the medals to upgrade your Gogeta to TUR (10 medals are necessary).

1. Incredible failure

Each of the versions of this level will allow you to get a Dragon Stone only once for a total of 3 stones. The levels are not overly hard but you will have to be careful in Z-Hard difficulty so as not to get a Game-Over. Only the last difficulty mode will allow you to obtain Veku END.

  • Normal: Vegeta SSJ Agility-type Angel
  • Hard: Goku SSJ Ange de type Technique
  • Z-Hard: the two previous bosses as well as Endurance-type Veku


2. Birth of an invincible warrior

The real difficulty begins with this event where you will face Gogeta in two phases. The first will be to fight an Agility-type SSJ Angel Vegeta and a Technical-type SSJ Angel Goku before facing the Power-type Gogeta. The latter has 5 life bars in addition to inflicting a lot of damage and being able to attack several times per turn.

First of all, you should know that characters with the "Boss" link will inflict more damage than normal to Gogeta. However, there are several team solutions to complete this level. Regarding the items, you will probably have to take the Phantom Gatekeeper (attack delayed by one turn) as well as King Enma (damage reduction by 50% over 1 turn).

  • Classic
  • Nuke
  • Stun

As Gogeta remains the main problem of the level, it is rather necessary to turn on characters of type Agility while keeping a good synergy of group so that this one passes quite often in special attack. As always, you will need to take a leader / friend giving KI +2/3. Gogeta remains a safe bet that will also help you quickly kill Goku Angel in the first fight.

In the Agility characters that can be effective in this event, there are for example:

  • Cooler: has the boss link and is free if we could recover it during the 10th tournament.
  • Goku SSJ: Obtainable for free if you logged in during the One Piece Crossover event.
  • Goku SSJ2: Obtainable in summons portals quite easily and has a link giving him KI +3 if your health is below 99%.
  • Goku SSJ God: Obtainable in the summons portals and which inflicts enormous damage.
  • Goku Divine SSJ: Obtainable from Summon Portals, deals huge damage but has bad links at the moment.

The nuke is not complicated in itself but unfortunately you need the adapted characters which are only obtainable in the summoning portals mainly. Fortunately, you only need two characters to do this technique:

  • Team Nuke Agility
    Leader / Ami : Golden Freezer
    Nuker: Gotenks ou Goku Genkidama ou Trunks SSJ GT
  • Team Nuke Technique
    Leader / Ami: Goku SSJ Blue
    Nuker: Perfect Cell or Goku SSJ GT

The second thing to take into account is that the items must be according to your team to make a single-color orb board (in the order to be used):

  • Agility: END Plume / INT Plume / TEC Oolong / AGI Oolong
  • Technique: PUI Feather / END Feather / INT Feather / TEC Oolong

The "Stun" team will aim to continuously stun Gogeta so that he does not inflict any damage. This technique is completely subject to luck as stun is not 100% guaranteed. Here are some examples of stunners for the event:

  • Babidi INT: 50% in SP / Stun for 2 turns
  • Bulma INT: 50% in SP / Stun for 2 turns
  • General Blue INT: 70% in SP / Stun 2 tours
  • Whis TEC: 40% in passive / Stun 1 turn

It will be necessary to think well that your characters leave well in special to activate their capacity of stun. It is therefore always best to take a leader / friend who confers KI for the whole team.


Good luck to everyone in fighting Gogeta. Feel free to share your tips that have not been listed in this guide.

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