The Sims 4 - First Pet Stuff Pack Preview

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At a breakneck pace as the game hosted the "Into the Jungle" game pack at the end of February, The Sims 4 is already welcoming new content with the "First Pet" Stuff Pack that I discovered this weekend. end thanks to the Game Changers program. This kit is dedicated only to players who have already acquired the "Dogs and Cats" expansion.



Like any pack, the content begins with outfits in The Sims Design Tool, including a unisex t-shirt.

Women will enjoy a pretty dress.

And the least worried about their appearance of a magnificent animal costume. See, rather, inimitable isn't it?

Toddlers are not left out with a t-shirt and a full suit to do like the grown-ups!


Animal outfits

Dogs and cats are also all the rage now, with each outfit more silly than the next.



The items in this kit are very cute, in the vain of what was previously added in Dogs & Cats.

Most of the objects will find their place in toddler rooms with an activity table, cute animal-shaped rugs, a bookcase, a sofa, wall stickers ... The colors are colorful, very bright, with different patterns depending on the color chosen. The funniest part is a set of stickers that recreate hamster tunnels. By combining the different elements, I was able to make a real maze on the small wall of the house.

Finally, there is the famous cage for the new pet. Four cages are available ... although they are all identical in appearance:

On the other hand, the animal inside will be very different depending on the case.


New pets

Thus, four critters can be found inside:

  • hamster
  • pygmy heiress
  • war
  • bubalus

Apart from the appearance, they have the same possible behaviors and actions: put food, clean the habitat, observe, speak, give a new name, give a treat, play with it and let out. It also seems that other pets are very fond of observing what is going on in the cages.

Animals live their lives on their own, they eat, they roll in their sand, they climb in the tunnels, they drink ... Their constants must be monitored according to three parameters: hunger, attention and activity. You have to do your best to keep all of this in the green for the good of the animal through basic actions.

Using the "let out" interaction, the Sim picks up the animal and releases it, which suddenly releases it into the wild. It only remains to buy another or the cage will remain empty.



I say this with every Stuff Pack, the content is limited and the new gameplay opportunities aren't that big. This kit is no exception to the rule, there are certainly some nice added objects, very cute for toddler's rooms, but I went around the novelties in an hour maximum. I often put aquariums in my homes because it brings a friendly life, and the pet does the same. An interactive element that will not require a lot of maintenance and that will look pretty in the living room in my future homes.

As for the outfits for dogs and cats, I won't judge if you like that, but I prefer to abstain from them so I admit that I was not particularly thrilled. Afterwards, it is a fact, it brings an element which will undoubtedly amuse a lot of people.

A nice object kit, but not essential, according to your love for animals!

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