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Fishing is skill, with gardening, the most useful for collecting your ingredients in The Sims. It makes it easier to increase your skills in food and allows your Sim to keep busy in a fun and lucrative way. It also helps to relax and chat with other Sims, which may meet your social needs. In this guide, I will help you increase this skill which requires a lot of patience but which, in the end, will bring you a lot in your game!


Characteristics and career

  • Required for aspiration: Nature - Fishing pro
  • Matching stroke : love the outdoors
  • Mandatory for the following professions: none (but strongly helps for the food)


Learning ability

Fishing capacity can be increased simply by fishing. To do this, go to the fishing grounds (present in all the districts) and click on the fishing panel for the rivers or directly on the ponds, it all depends on your preference.

During your fishing trips, your Sim can find chests containing various items (voodoo doll, health potion, happiness potion, ...) but also seeds for gardening. Some fishing grounds can only be examined at certain times of the day, so be sure to check back regularly to get as much information as possible on the baits.

Like gardening, fishing can bring in a lot of Simoleons, some fish sell for up to £ 2000 or more. Thanks to this skill, you can also inherit the Collector trait which will greatly help you to complete the collection of fish available. Note also that some fish can only be fished from a defined skill level, others can only be fished in certain places.

The Fishing skill can also be increased with the help of books :

  • Fishing Vol. 1: First take (skill level 1 to 3)
  • Fishing Vol. 2: Equipment and techniques (skill level 4 to 6)
  • Fishing Vol. 3: Think like a fish (skill level 7 and above)

When your Sim is concentrated, your capacity will increase faster.


Stages of Fishing Capacity

Once caught, the fish is in your inventory, its price varies according to its freshness and its weight.

There are different stages of freshness in a fish:

  • Putride
  • Poor
  • Average
  • Good
  • Excellent
  • Fantastic

To slow down their rotting, consider keeping them in your refrigerator or in an aquarium. If you want to stuff them, click on them from your inventory, the fish will then be nailed to a board that you can slide on one of your walls. Note that a stuffed fish placed as a decoration in your house increases your Sim's confidence.

To put a fish in an aquarium, just buy one in the buy mode. With an aquarium, you can buy a fish or put in a fish that you have caught yourself. You can also retrieve the fish from the aquarium to return it to your inventory.

Once level 5 of your skill is acquired, you unlock the option "Examine the water" which allows you to know which type of bait to choose to fish in the place where you are. Remember to use this option well, it will make your life much easier!

Bait is essential for your skill development, fish bite much better if you put something on the end of your line. Some fish bite with small bait, others with medium. You also have fish that bite organic baits (plants and vegetables) and finally others bite with rare baits. I will detail in a future article on the collection of fish which baits you should use for each of them.

Besides fish you can catch a lot of different things, here is a small list of what you can find on the end of your hook:

À Willow Creek, you will have :

  • Apple
  • Grenada
  • Improved cooker

À Oasis Spring, you will have :

  • Cube of the future by poor prediction SA
  • Health potion
  • Caresse stackable crate decoration
  • Gnome Guardian of the Garden
  • Muflier
  • Apple
  • Cow plant berry
  • Madame Zoé Voodoo doll
  • Cordivarius violin
  • Mamiphone old fashioned music player

In the Forest Glade, you will have :

  • Emotion potion
  • Endless cycle
  • Gnome Guardian of the Garden
  • Grenada
  • Apple
  • Cow plant berry
  • Madame Zoe Voodoo Doll

You will undoubtedly come across many other takes that I have not yet listed.


Influence on emotions

Fishing loses weight and builds muscle, but doesn't build muscle. fitness skill. However, when you catch a big fish, your Sim will become confident.

Feel free to use this action to quickly change your Sim's emotion!



 Here is the list of rewards that will allow you to learn your skill faster:

  • Fast reader: 1.000 points
  • Night owl: 1.000 points
  • Scholar: 4.000 points
  • Morning Sims: 1.000 points



You have a challenge to achieve if you want to add more challenge, here it is:

  • Ace of the hook: have a Sim reach the highest level of the Fishing skill


Everyone to his fishing rod!

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