SWTOR - KOTET in master mode # 9

Attention this series of articles contains spoilers on the history of KOTFE and KOTET.

If you want to keep all the surprise on this content, stop at these lines.

Strengthened by our victory against Vaylin and in the absence of a new enemy to destroy to claim the eternal throne, we go to Zakuul to take possession of it. Arcann and Senya accompany us and we thus enter the meanders leading to the eternal throne where Valkorion had linked his spirit to ours. We will then have to eliminate the skytroopers who are trying to protect the throne. This will only slow us down and we arrive there to take control. Unfortunately, unlike our past dreams where we hoped all would go well, Valkorion tries to invest our minds and we are forced to retreat into the space he had occupied.

We must then progress to reactivate the memories of Valkorion and regain possession of our means. Thus, we evolve in a space supposed to represent the spirit of the emperor by controlling it. We notice that our skills have changed and that there are many attack spells available to us based on lightning projections or more or less random teleportations. This will give a taste of the long-awaited fight against Valkorion.

After recovering the memories, Valkorion takes control of his mind and we take control of ours. We can then face it. Two strategies are effective in this fight. Valkorion goes into three states of alignment: neutral, light, and dark. We are equipped with two abilities to enable or disable the light and dark alignments. To inflict more damage on Valkorion, you must be in the corresponding alignment. Therefore, we lose our class abilities to obtain powers related to the mastery of force. Thus, the first strategy is to choose the right alignment to inflict significant damage while interrupting Valkorion's abilities by placing himself behind a structure. The second is to stay in neutral alignment, it has the advantage of giving us access to defensive capabilities but the fight will be longer.

It will be enough to inflict 50% of his monstrously high points of life for the last cutscene to be triggered. Finally, in case of error, if the latter does not cause death, there are three possibilities to heal yourself in addition to the partner. Two memory memories represented by a green area moving in the room will allow you to heal very quickly. Likewise, an ability linked to the holocron will be able to both damage Valkorion while healing us. However, she has more restrictions as her cooldown is long. Here is a look at the combat using the second strategy and the end of this story arc.

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