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After releasing the excellent "Magic World" game pack at the end of September, the Sims 4 continues to roll out, again and again, more content at the end of 2019, this time with an expansion pack with a very evocative name : "At university".



The new world offered to the Sims is separated into three quarters, separated by the arms of a river.

To the west is the Foxbury Institute, the more recent of the two universities to have settled in the city. She advocates the work of students, but also the exploration of their passions. The common room, Larry's Lagoon, has high-speed internet and natural light as its terrain features. Two empty houses (with respectively 4 and 3 bedrooms, and 3 and 2 bathrooms) and a foyer (Fletcher) are installed on 30x20 lots dedicated to the students of the Foxbury Institute.

In the center, Gibbs Hill is the city center where students like to meet especially at the O 'Poivre pub, their favorite place to hang out. The wisest can count on the many works of the Lauriers Library to study and relax. Two of the three 20x15 habitable lots are already occupied by fireplaces (Elderberry and Simpa), leaving only one tiny house free with 1 bedroom and 1 bathroom.

To the east is the University of Britechester, the historic institution founded by the famous Felix Psyded who was known for his enthusiastic quest for knowledge and his books so big it was comical. More traditional in its teaching, the University is nonetheless a world reference. UdB students like to meet in the common room of Darby's lair, a land known to be friendly, in addition to enjoying fantastic acoustics. On the housing side, they are more spacious here with three 30x20 lots. One of them has a Best Friends Hearth already installed, leaving Drake's Hall (5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms) and Dark Wings House (2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms) to settle in. , places of course dedicated exclusively to the use of UdB students.

It should be noted that the prices of the houses are all higher than the 22§ allocated to the creation of a Sim, therefore not allowing to move in (not to mention that in any case you have to be enrolled in a university for two of the three neighborhoods).


Create a Sim

A new aspiration is emerging: university studies. The Sim wants to go to college, find a job, but most of all ... learn! Of course, for my new Sim, I chose her, complementing her with Bookworm, Genie and Dance Machine (being a student also means parties!).

On the clothing side, there is a good choice, with fairly casual clothes (there is for example nothing for dressy outfits). The shoes are un-feminine, with sneakers and chunky soles, nothing that goes very well with the various dresses and skirts added.

Men also appreciate their comfort, with sweaters, T-shirts, jogging pants or even jeans, most of the time with a wide cut.

Of course, what would a college pack be without the ridiculous unisex graduation outfits and the hat? So cute !



Six rooms enrich the interiors of our Sims. On the one hand, there is the inexpensive furniture, accessible to the low budget of students, with a student kitchenette (5§), a perfectly average dormitory (531§) and modern art lounge (5§). . It goes perfectly with the Foxbury Institute, modern and dynamic, offering objects with sharp curves in bright colors.

On the other, there is the furniture worthy of the venerable UdB with antique and molded furniture in the distinguished dining room (6 685§). Finally, in between is the party piece (5§) which brings together different interactive objectives so that students are able to have fun, if they have time. Two other pieces are locked, being career goals that I was unable to preview (level 368 in the Education career and level 5 in the Education career in the administration branch).

On the side of the objects themselves, there is a large amount of beds, chairs, sofas, armchairs and tables. Strangely, however, there is only one office.

The number of libraries is also important, it is necessary to carry this culture! There are also new little food stalls to fuel all those brains!

The wall decorations are mainly related to studies, unsurprisingly, with emblems, posters, flags ... On the ground, I put the new carpet, with some plants, and a large full-length mirror on the left. You will certainly have noticed the chimney facing upwards.

Lights are used here for an interior ... motley to say the least, flaunting new wallpaper and windows, as well as this very psychedelic floor. I also took the opportunity to put the toilet boxes, as well as the showers (there is a very small one that is difficult to see, directly integrated into the wall next to the pink cabin). The boxes line up next to each other, and require walls to lean on.

Finally, I end this tour with more interactive objects. On the left is a podium used to practice debate (see new skill below). The little cubes in the middle are miniature refrigerators for student studios. The ping-pong table is pretty self-explanatory, as are the ball, bar, and speakers. Large, colorful buckets are juice dispensers, with pear tree interaction with another Sim to drink. Finally, there is the bicycle, which I will discuss in a separate paragraph because of its importance.


Interactive object: the bicycle

By interacting with a bike, a Sim can define it as their favorite vehicle. When he gets away, he'll use it if he's nearby, even being able to put it in his inventory never to lose it (Did the Sims invent bottomless bags?). The bike can finally have a name. You will notice that the Sim is careful: he puts on a helmet as soon as he gets in the saddle!

Maybe cars and garages soon?


Aspiration: University studies

The aspiration begins by asking to enroll in university, while reaching level 3 of the Research and Debate competency. Then, as an enthusiastic student, one has to reach level 5 of this skill, go to lectures of visiting professors and finish a course with the grade of A. Then, to become a brilliant student, one should have a semester average of B or higher, to give private lessons as well as to reach level 6 of the competence. The final year student must obtain his diploma, contribute to the database on an archiving and research machine, reach level 7 in the competence and obtain a job by valuing his diploma.


Competence: Research and debate

Sims can take advantage of college to level up this skill. Entitled Research and Debate, it is assembled in particular by carrying out research with a dedicated station, the Archiving and Research Machine. It is then possible to train in a special stand or, for the shy ones, in front of a mirror.

This skill is double-acting as it mounts in itself, while helping to build a specific skill. Doing research is really cool!


Independent candidate

The start is a bit slow because, without being enrolled in university, a Sim can only participate in certain courses. by clicking directly on the main building. It will cost him 250§ for a skills course, the subject being able to be chosen from the full list of existing skills. You will only have to pay 40§ to attend a lecture given by a guest professor, the choices being there suddenly more limited (and different from one university to another) as well as the schedules (from 17 p.m. to 19 p.m. every day. only).


Registration and scholarship

Various information is available, either via the computer or by clicking on a kiosk installed next to each university. In addition to selling items useful for decorating student accommodation, bicycles and clothing in college colors, information points provide details on registrations, scholarships, simasters, grades, and club events.

Registration at the university costs 75§ and is done either with the computer, the telephone or the mailbox. For teenage Sims, they receive a brochure from their school when they are old enough to enroll.

Going to university is expensive, especially since the Sim cannot easily work in parallel, which takes a lot of time. There are always odd jobs, which suddenly combine perfectly with this expansion pack, but that may not be enough. The student loan is also a solution, even if the interest can strain an already tight budget. A scholarship system is therefore in place. By default, any Sim will receive a small pension, which can be supplemented by special scholarships based on criteria specific to each Sim: practical skills (cooking, DIY ...), sport and eSport (video games), active in retraining ( Sim adolescent or young adult who has already started a career), solidarity (if the household has a few savings and resources), habitat (linked to the Sim's place of residence) ... There are also for the best students prestigious scholarships linked to the marks obtained, or to the level already acquired in a certain skill. Of course, stopping your studies results in the loss of the scholarship.

Once again, the start is slow ... the request is made either through the computer or through the mailbox. Then you have to wait. Here is this part in video:


Lessons and simesters

Once the Sim is accepted, he must choose one of the two universities, as well as the course and university accommodation for his first simester. Note that the fact of joining university accommodation forced me to split my household, so I only managed one Sim from there (the boy had to fend for himself!). Well, honestly, it was enough like that!

Britechester University
  • Biology
  • data processing
  • Economy
  • Physical
  • Psychology
  • infamie
Foxbury Institute
  • The history of art
  • Communication
  • Culinary arts
  • Gallery
  • History
  • Languages ​​and Literature

A simester lasts a week, always ending on the evening of the fifth day of the week. At the end of each simester, the Sim is asked to re-register, having to redo the choice of courses and accommodation for each period. Note that a student can completely change course or university, even if this has a cost in credits.

Each simester, the Sim has access to the courses chosen at registration, for a maximum of four per simester, joining either a normal course or a prestigious course (this possibility being offered to Sims having high skills for a young adult or having good grades in school as part of a teenager). You must pass 12 courses to obtain the 12 credits required for graduation.

Concretely, the Sim has a schedule in a special tab (the same one that is usually dedicated to the profession) with courses and schedules. It has to be available, and it will then automatically go to class, getting out of hand for the duration of the class. Like professions, it is possible to define one's attitude: discussing with students, sleeping in class, listening attentively, taking notes, leaving early or going to class normally.

The homework notebook is an object that you can simply interact with from the inventory, the Sim will sit in the nearest desk, or even on a bed, and start working. As part of a presentation, the object is also present in the inventory, it is placed in the world for the Sim to work on. By doing this, the Sim will gain skills in addition to progressing in their objectives.

Grades are given at the end of each semester, depending on the amount of work provided and the mastery of the content acquired. It is possible to visit teachers to follow their progress, or simply send them an email. To get the best grades, a Sim needs to attend class, do homework, study using textbooks, complete a final essay or presentation, chat with teachers, and develop the skill associated with the class.

Here is one of these filmed simsters, accompanied by my comments:


University life

The atmosphere is lovely, not as lively as I would have imagined. There are a few students joining our Sims in the common room, but it's a long way from my memory of the student years, with the crowded amphitheatres, the long-queuing cafeteria, the no-more work rooms. free place ... Then, maybe things are better organized in Britechester than they are in Spain? The activity is fortunately more important in the dormitories, quickly becoming a merry mess with the Sims who walk everywhere without respect for the privacy of others, who leave their belongings lying around and destroy everything.

Parties are organized on campus, but nothing that resembles the events already organized for a while in the game, without even defined goals. However, I liked the special events better, like organizing debates that take place every Sunday morning and pitting students against each other, using the new skill. In addition, there is a tidy sum of money (I have won 500§ several times).

On the other hand, small disappointment on the side of extra-curricular activities. My Sim is on the esports team, and just like lessons, this activity does not control their Sim. There aren't even any options on how to participate (just the option to quit early). Well, at least I console myself with the really cool uniform!



If you've watched my video of the simester, you'll understand, this add-on pack is pretty cool ... but very repetitive. Keeping up with the pace with 4 lessons is practically impossible, the Sim doesn't have time to live next door and have fun, they just survive. I spent my gaming sessions in college trying to keep my Sim's needs green, while doing homework, studying, going to class, and participating in esports parties. This is fun 1 short, maybe two ... then it gets long, and yet you have to complete at least 3 to have the 12 required lessons (in fact, at least 4, or even 5, because otherwise the grades will be too bad).

I also find it a shame all the shortcuts used: the Sims are not controllable during lessons and activities. It's not even possible to enter the university, which turns out to be a big building reduced to a few basic interactions. Undoubtedly a game pack created too quickly, which gives way to ease and does not bring as many things as hoped. Fans will find what they are looking for, necessarily, adding an extra step before active life, but clearly I already know that not all my Sims will go through the University box in the future, which makes this pack dispensable and a bit expensive for them. 'utility.

The Sims 4 Go to College - € 39,99

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