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The Gourmet Cooking skill is unlocked from level 5 of the Cooking skill. It will allow your Sim to be able to cook more refined dishes.


Characteristics and career

  • Required for aspiration : Food - Grand Chef
  • Matching traits: Creative - Gluttonous - Gourmet
  • Mandatory for the following professions: Culinary career


How to learn the skill?

The skill is unlocked by upgrading the cooking skill. Gourmet Cooking costs more and takes a little longer to prepare, but will allow your Sim to delight their palate and that of their guests.

Here are the actions that will increase your skill:

  • Cooking a gourmet meal
  • Read gourmet cookbooks
  • Sharing cooking secrets (level 9)

Le 10 level also unlocks the option Garnish prepared meals which increases their quality.



Most of the recipes will be unlocked by increasing the Gourmet Cooking skill, while others under certain emotions.



 Here is the list of rewards that will allow you to learn your skill faster:

  • Fast reader: 1.000 points
  • Night owl: 1.000 points
  • Scholar: 4.000 points
  • Morning Sims: 1.000 points


Influence on emotions

Eating delicious food makes your Sim happy, while low-quality food can cause discomfort and nausea. From level 5, your Sim can, when preparing a dish, obtain the emotion "confident" or "inspired"


Ideal mood

For cooking, your Sim's ideal mood is inspired. To have this emotion, you can make him take a meditative showerHe search for recipe ideas on the computer or even make him watch cooking shows to find ideas (Trait Gourmand)


You have certain challenges to achieve if you want to put a little challenge in your recipes:

  • Undisputed Leader - Have a Sim reach the highest level in the culinary career.
  • Rex connoisseurs - Have a Sim reach the highest level in the Gourmet Cooking skill.
  • Gold in Bar - Have a Sim reach the highest level of the Mixology skill.
  • Furnace Pro - Have a Sim reach the highest level of the Cooking skill.


At your stove!

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