The Sims 4 - Have a Cow Plant

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Valery Aloyants

Here is a small tutorial to allow you to have a Cow Plant in your garden.

To start, you need to go to the park Desert Bloom.

Once there, head to the bottom of the map, next to the cave.

Go fishing in the small pond. For this, no fishing level is required, nor bait. So don't worry, anyone can have this wonderful plant specimen!

After several hours of fishing. The cow plant berry is finally in your inventory.

Return to your house to plant the cow plant berry in your garden. Select the bay in your inventory and drag it to the desired location. Then have your Sim plant the seedling.


Once planted, you just have to water it for 3 days to finally see the shoot become a superb cow plant. You have 3 possible interactions:

  • Feed
  • Caress
  • Play with

Do not forget to feed it very regularly otherwise it will die and it will be a shame, it is so beautiful in your garden.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial and feel free to share your findings for a future issue.

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