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Herbalism is a new skill available in The Nature Destination Game Pack. It allows Sims, while out in the woods, to identify new wild plants and prepare remedies on a barbecue or stove. Here is a little guide to get started!

When traveling to Granite Falls, be alert and take a good look at everything around you. Indeed, the campsites, the forest and the mountains are full of bushes and mushrooms that you can pick to develop your skill.


Identify unknown plants

To prepare a remedy, you must first identify the different plants that you find. If, however, you decide to eat unidentified plants, you may very quickly regret it! As you can guess, the developers have planted many poisonous plants that can have very bad effects on your Sims. It won't be uncommon to have a Sim tense or with a very demanding bladder!

If you want to get it right without risking your Sim's health, identify the plants you want to use by clicking on them in your inventory. Select Try to Identify, your Sim then takes the plant, nibbles it, and tries to figure out which plant it is. Then look at the description of the herbs you have identified to find out whether or not they are useful for different remedies.

Note that your skill increases even if your Sim cannot identify a picked plant.


Prepare a remedy

Once you have collected all the necessary plants (or even bugs sometimes), you can try to prepare your first remedy. To do this, get near a barbecue or a stove, but remember that in order to use a plant, you must first have identified it. Your Sim will have access to different recipes as their Herbalism skill grows. The higher your skill level, the more powerful and better your remedies will be!


Powerful herbal remedies

There are many remedies available today. Some of them can even be made with poisonous plants or even with insects. Here are some remedies that you may need during your getaways in the new game pack :

  • Anti-insect ointment : here is the perfect remedy for a vacation in Granite Falls. It helps protect you from insects, especially mosquitoes. The ointment is made with novice elderberries and basil. Remember to always have it with you!
  • Sadness Reducing Lotion : you had a bad day? Nothing like a potion to get rid of it all! It is concocted with elderberries and a firefly. If your potion is of good quality, it will completely remove negative moods from your Sim.
  • Fire Leaf Extract : this is the potion you must have if you want to make those around you go crazy! Indeed, it can be applied to hundreds of objects and will cause terrible itching in the Sim who uses the object in question. This potion is brewed with poisonous fire leaf, morels and a crushed red ant. Have fun driving your friends crazy and taking revenge on your enemies, personally I never tire of it!

New game possibilities

The herbalism skill also allows you to have new stories to tell. You have new topics of conversation between Sims. As we noticed on the official Sims 4 website, the people working at the Sims studio used two new ideas for fun:

  • Survivalist Challenge : in the game options, deactivate the autonomy. Then go into the forest. Have fun seeing if your Sim can survive on their own by eating only wild plants and medicine!
  • Party and Leaf of Fire : as I said above, the extract of Leaves of fire allows you to see those around you completely destabilized by the itching. Have fun having a party in a room full of infected objects. You will then see your guests doing the scratching dance! The developers have, however, disabled the loading of itchy houses on the gallery to avoid bad pranks.

Note that when you return from vacation, you can plant poisonous fire leaves as well as morels in a planter or flower pot so that you can continue to have a stock of ingredients without returning to Granite Falls. However, red ants can only be harvested on the spot. So remember to make a sufficient stock.

I hope this guide has given you the urge to start developing this skill. Do not hesitate to share your ideas and your adventures with us!

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