The Sims 4 - Introducing Granite Falls

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The arrival of Destination Nature has opened up a new play zone for us in the Sims 4. Like every zone, it is made up of several districts which will be at your disposal for many activities.

Granite Falls is a vacation destination, it can be accessed by phone by selecting "Go on Vacation". On the selection screen, you can choose between different types of camping:

  • Basic camping with a tent at 111 § per day.
  • A small cabin at 282 § per day.
  • A small chalet with only one room for 397 § a day.
  • Another chalet with two bedrooms this time for 635 § a day.
  • The last is a huge luxurious chalet that can accommodate an entire family for 893 § a day.

Once you have chosen your accommodation, a ranger will come to see you to guide you. As it is a vacation destination, buy mode is inaccessible once there.

The Ranger Cabin is in the center of Granite Falls, here are the interactions you can have with the Cabin:


Camping equipment

Essential for camping, a tent and a cooler that will act as a refrigerator:

The tent The cooler

By clicking on the tent, you will have the option "Read Nature Magazine" where you can find tips to become a real adventurer!


The new collection

The new collection added with the release of Destination Nature is the collection of insects, however the fish collections and plants have grown:

Insect Collection

Plant Collection Fish collections

I remind you that you can find a guide on the fish collection as well as help for the insect collection on our site.



Herbalism is the new skill of this game pack, it allows you to concoct potions and remedies. If you want to unlock it, buy the first Learning Tome from the Ranger Hut.

If you want to deepen your knowledge in Herbalism, you will find the ideal guide on our site.


New activities

With camping, our Sims can now roast marshmallows over a campfire and dress up as bears! You may also encounter an NPC (non-player character) dressed as a bear. We also have access to horseshoe throwing.

There is a cabin in the forest that allows your Sim to keep a minimum of hygiene and avoid disasters.


A new social event

From your Sim's phone, you can host a new social event: tasting hot dogs around a campfire.


Group activities

A new interaction is also available when chatting with Sims: group activity. You can watch the clouds with another Sim or tell them stories.


New sculpture furniture

From the Carpentry Shop, our Sims can carve furniture. With the addition of Destination Nature, new furniture is available. You simply have to approach a workshop to start sculpting.

Have a great vacation in this hostile forest!

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