WildStar - Server Merger and the Future of PvP

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Everyone knows that PvP and WildStar are still 2 yet, but it looks like Carbine wants to change things, as announced in their last article.

Indeed, several things are planned, and some have already been implemented with yesterday's update, starting with a solution for PvP servers.


Merge servers

It is not indicated as a merge per se, but it is expected that during the update of the Wednesday March 16 all characters are moved from Luminai to Jabbit.

However, it is now possible to speed up the process with the possibility of transfer your characters to Jabbit for free.

Some details on certain points were given regarding the merger, with the different possible cases, in particular for name conflicts:

Merger Details

Conflict for character names:

  • If character A has not logged in in the last 30 days but character B yes, character B keeps his name and A will have to rename himself
  • If the 2 characters have not connected in the last 30 days, the character on the PvE server will keep his name

Conflict for arena, squad, guild or circle team names:

  • If no member of group A has logged in, and at least 1 of B has logged in, group B will keep its name
  • If the 2 groups have at least 1 member having connected, the group of the PvE server will keep its name


Improved Open World PvP

That there are more players to do PvP is good, but making it more attractive is better!

So, a new system has been put in place with the latest update: if you are logged into Jabbit and activate PvP mode, then creatures that you kill will be able to offer you Prestige (the PvP currency) and additional gold, provided that the creature brings you experience, or should have given you some, but you are level 50.

The above system is therefore already implemented, but other improvements and new features are planned in future updates, they will be presented when we get closer.


Little additional info

In order to avoid making it an article on its own, we would like to indicate that the update that was deployed on this Wednesday, February 24, made the more interesting OmniBits system for Premium players :

  • weekly OmniBits limit increased by 200%
  • OmniBits random gains increased by 200%

In short, everything has been doubled, only for Premium players.


What do you think of all this news?

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