The Sims 4 - Paranormal Stuff Pack Preview

Once again, I was very fortunate to be able to return to play with my Sims for the new Paranormal Stuff Pack, which releases January 26th. And that of course thanks to the EA Game Changers program!


Residential haunted house

On first launch, the game offers to install the residential haunted house in the area of ​​its choice. Indeed, kit of objects obliges, there is no new dedicated world. The Victorian-style house will blend perfectly with the environments of Forgotten Hollow (if you're not afraid of vampires) or Glimmerbrook (to add a touch of magic). If ever you do not have these packs, you can of course install this house in any other world, even if it means bulldozing the land.

The interior is very ... loaded, shall we say. Between the walls covered with decorations on the patterned tapestry, the carpets, the imposing furniture and the many seats that occupy the smallest space left free, this house is old-fashioned, but it may appeal to ghost hunters, especially in a game where there is no dust and where the accumulation of objects is less problematic than at home. Anyway, it sticks to the theme, and reminds me of those old mansions used in TV shows like Supernatural.


New objects

I installed around XNUMX new elements in the cellar. As I had noticed in the house, which quite logically uses these objects as a priority, there is a plethora of sofas, armchairs and chairs, as well as a good number of surfaces and dressers. We will notice a good consistency in the styles with rather warm or dark shades (a lot of wood color, yellow, red, or black and white).

Some paintings, photos hanging on the wall will complete the decorations, but also strange and mysterious objects that arise, especially gathered in the first screenshot above. A special concept for the amuse-bouche cow plant terrarium!

A single object brings gameplay, the spiritism table, which comes alone, or as a set with the 4 chairs and the crystal ball.


New parts

There are only two of them, each in three shades. The Quirky Eclectic Living Room costs 9§ and is suitable for Sims who like to enjoy the pastimes of yore, and take time out for a disconnected evening by the fireside to chat with the many friends who can sit on the couch and sit back. armchairs.

The second room, the Spiritualism Room of Lady Gothik of the Raven at 9§, honors the main object of this pack, in an interior that is as busy as ever, but which provides a reassuring environment for spiritualism sessions which can be emotionally charged!



To assemble the new skill, it is essential to have a Spiritism Table, whether it was purchased on its own or with the chairs provided in the item kit. The interaction only starts from the table anyway.

Two possibilities exist at the beginning: to feel the spiritual instability or to commune with the deceased. As often, the results are then displayed in the notifications. Here is a little video of my first use of the table with my favorite Sim who temporarily lives in the haunted house:

Being level 2, I then invited a few friends to do a group session. It is necessary for this to ensure that the participants are already present on the ground, or the interaction is not present on the table:

Then at level 3, I was able to summon the dead:

As well as summoning Bonehilda:

Finally, once at level 4 (the maximum being 5), I was able to perform a spooky ritual that turns my Sim into a ghost for 4 hours and allows them to own items, just for fun levitating them, or to break them.

Level 5 allows him to do powerful spiritualism sessions while spending less energy. He will also be more likely to successfully interact with specters and create a circle of spiritualism all over the world.


I've never had a big problem practicing Spiritualism, but my Sim, on the other hand, has had big scares several times, sticking him with penalties for several hours.

However, it often made him sad.



Few clothes on this pack. Men have two bottoms and three tops, while women have three bottoms and two tops, complemented by two pairs of shoes. Other items are unlocked after spending 7 nights in a haunted house.



This item kit is nice, but it comes in the worthy line of other kits of the same type: the content is limited and the tour is done in one to two hours maximum. A new Sim, a nice house, then a few Spiritism sessions to level up to level 5, the time to meet Bonehilda and summon the dead, and there isn't much left to do. Other kits are more provided in content, I still have things to knit and to create from the "Pro Knitting" pack for example. But if you like chatting with the dead, or find that the styling of these items will blend well with your interior, then this Stuff Kit will give your Sims some great scares!

Paranormal Item Kit

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