The Sims 4 - Reproduction of Frogs

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In a previous article, I helped you complete your collection of frogs. Today I will tell you how to breed the frogs in your collection.

You will quickly notice that one of the advantages of collecting frogs is the breeding option that allows for crossbreeding. You can, with this system, complete your collection or just have fun with your breeding. It takes an average of 3:30 to 4 hours of waiting by Sims between each reproduction. However, if you have multiple Sims in your household, you can breed your frogs without having to wait.

To reproduce, open your character's inventory and click on one of the frogs you want to mate. You will have the option "Reproduce with" which will appear.

The list of available frogs will open, so you can choose your pair and start breeding.

We can never be sure of the result because from one pair to another of the same species, the result may vary. To help you out a bit, let's take a closer look at the frogs. We distinguish 5 different colors:

Violet Frog Brown Frog Red Frog

Green Frog Yellow Frog

We also have 5 different patterns:

Polka Dot Frog Striped Frog Surfer Frog

Swirl Frog Frog Without Patterns

If you want a missing frog from your collection, you can try making a reproduction between a frog with the desired color and another with the desired pattern. For example, you want the Striped Eggplant frog, then have fun breeding the Eggplant frog and the Striped Leaf frog! As I said above, the results are random, but you can maximize your chances of success.

Now it's your turn to finish the collection!

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